The Cutest Pink/Red lipstick? Kiko - Rebel Romantic Collection Lipstick Review

Kiko has never been a makeup brand I have leapt for. I have always felt that when I began to start wearing makeup that all their stuff would be too fancy for me. That I would just be wasting money on a product I wouldn't know how to use properly.

However, whilst I was on holiday recently I came across one of their stores. And after walking round for about an hour. I felt like I was in heaven. From their single pigemented eyeshadows to the highlighter I am still sad about now. Every product just seemed to be perfect for me.

I decided to buy two products, just as a test for the brand. I didn't want to go crazy on products I hadn't read up on; so I went for two lip products. A limited edition lipstick and a lip liner. Today I will just be reviewing the lipstick as I am still yet to properly try out the lip liner.

The lipstick is limited edition from their new collection 'Rebel Romantic'. The collection includes 6 new products, all packaged in this divine rose gold packaging. Which of course was the first thing I ran to in the shop. The collection includes a bronzer, blush, lipsticks, contouring pencils, as well as a new brush and a mirror compact + makeup bag.

After looking through all the shades avaliable in the store I decided to just go for one of the lipsticks. These are the Intensly Lavish lipsticks, mine is in the shade Lusty Peony (01.) I would say this is a dark pink shade verging on red.

All together there are 6 shades, I am quite upset that I didn't pick up any other shade to try on as I was looking at 04 shade Mild Sangria which looked to be a deep pink/purple shade that would be perfect for autumn.

One of my favorite parts of the lipstick, apart from the product itself is the packaging. It is this gorgeous rose gold design that already gives the product that high street feel, and with the magnetic close it really does make you feel like you have a high street lipstick for more than a fraction of the price.

The lipstick feels moisturizing on the lips, after wearing this for a couple of hours my lips do not feel dry or sticky which can be a common problem with some lipsticks. I would say the longevity of this is around 5 hours, if you eat with this on I would suggest reapplying afterwards just to make sure it stays on better.

Because the shade is quite a dark pink I would class this is a more autumn than summer shade, I found that it works fairly well with outfits that have a slight bit of colour to it. Something which I personally am not used to.

The price is one of the main things that shocked me the most with Kiko. I was expecting it to be an expensive brand when in comparison to say a drugstore brand such as Bourjois the prices are quite similar. Although I would say in terms of product comparsion the lipsticks from Kiko do seem to be much better than Bourjois.

The lipstick retails for £6.90 which in my opinion is great for a lipstick than can last an average amount of time, has a slight shine but can be matte if you apply a little bit of powder over your lips. And for a shade range as good as this I don't really have any cons to this lipstick.

I am genuinely impressed with this lipstick, I felt like I hadn't wasted my money on a product I wouldn't be able to use properly at all. In fact I'm already looking at other products to try from their range. So here is where you come in, if there are any Kiko products you have tried and loved in the past feel free to comment them down below or if you have any other recommendations as well.


Rebel Romantic Collection

Until next time, Chloe!