The Wonder Brow Product - Soap and Glory Brow Archery Review

If there was one part of my makeup that I wish I could do perfectly straight away, it would probably be my eyebrows. My eyebrows like the famous saying go are sisters, they are in no way twins.  So with this problem I have been dying for a brow product that is a pencil and a liner, I didn't really want them individually as it would work out more expensive than buying them as a duo set.

After looking round Boots for an hour I came across this, the Soap and Glory Brow Archery brow pencil and liner. This has a crayon/pencil end which is made for filling in the brows and on the other end it comes with the precision liner which helps to bring the brow all together in line. 

There are two shades with this product, Brownie points which is the one I have. This is a fairly light brown but it can be built up quite quickly to a much more darker shade. The other shade is called Love is Blonde which I did swatch whilst I was in Boots. This is a fairly light blonder shade which could potentially be built up if you needed it to be darker. In my opinion the shade range isn't great as for someone who has say ginger hair the blonde brow pencil may not be a good shade for them.

I only really use this product to just fill in any gaps in my brows using the pencil then very rarely if ever I will use the liner on the other side. However I have tested them both out several times to see how long they last and the finish of them. 

The brow pencil is possibly the best out of the two, the pencil glides onto the skin smoothly and isn't too faint in color. I found that when I filled my brows in I didn't need to go over my an area more then once. The pencil on its own without any brow primer seemed to last for a good 6 hours before it had started to move which in my opinion is pretty long lasting considering some brow pencil products have moved off my skin within about 2 hours.  

I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of the liner as I don't tend to use it a lot so I am not particularly a pro at lining my brows so at times I did notice that it smudged. Although whenever I did line my brows slightly the liner stayed there pretty much all day. I would just watch to make sure it doesn't get smudged, maybe try and leave you brows for a second when they are done before applying or doing anything else to them. 

This fantastic duo product retails at £10 which in my opinion is a bargain as if you were to buy these products separately you would be looking at them costing on average £8 if you bought them from the drugstore. Plus the product lasts a long time, I have been using the pencil end since the middle of July and it has barely any signs of wear. In my opinion this is possibly one of the best brow products I have tried in a long time.

But now it's time for your opinions, if you have tried this product or other ones similar please feel free to comment down below or tweet me any suggestions @ChloeSalins or at my bloglovin. 

Until next time, Chloe!