Face Mask From Heaven - Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

Face masks have been a growing love from mine, I find it an essential to apply one at least once a week as a way of refreshing my skin again. I always tend to go for ones towards acne, helping to reduce my spots as well as calming them down. 

From tea tree masks to clay ones I have picked up many favorites along the way, and this one is my next favorite. It's the Lush Mask of Magnaminty, infused with peppermint. This mask claims to 'fight outbreaks in order to help return your skin to tip top condition'.

As always it is recommended to apply an even layer of this onto the face and leave it to set for around 10-15 minutes. I tend to sometimes keep it on for a little bit longer if I am having a bath as well or if I am focusing on something else. Then you just simply rinse it off, now here is my little input this mask can get very messy. So when removing it I suggests using a flannel or a muslin cloth just something that you can wipe it off with otherwise your sink and everything else will just turn green and then it is a mess to go round wiping it off everything. 

The mask can also be used on the body, primarily on your back as some people do suffer from back acne. It has a combination of bentonite gel and talc as well as other ingredients to help the mask be smooth and easy to apply all over the body. This also makes it suitable for people sensitive skin as it is not like a scrub it is much smoother. 

I have used this around 5 times, as well as scooping some out for a friend. I have noticed that I haven't actually used an awful amount of it even though I sometimes do apply a bit more than recommended. 

I wouldn't say that this has removed all my spots completely, but like it claims it does help towards any outbreaks and reducing some of my current spots. I like to use this towards the end of the week, mostly on Sundays as I find that I can sometimes develop spots around the weekend. 

This mask is priced at £9.95 for 315g which I what I currently have. This has been one of the most expensive ones that I have tried. However, because it is in a pot that I can scoop out rather than something that I squeeze out it is more efficient meaning I won't potentially lose out on some products. And seeing that I have barely used any after several uses I don't mind paying that much for a product that I really like at the moment. There is also a miniature version which is 125g priced at £5.75 which in my opinion is quite expensive for a miniature so I would recommend really just going for the full price one. 

Overall I am really impressed with this face mask, and as it is one of my first lush products I am thoroughly impressed. But now I want to know your opinions, if you like this face mask or not and any recommendations you have for me to try next.

                                                                  Until next time, Chloe!