Powder that stays put? - Seventeen Stay Time Powder

Powders have never really been my specialty, I tend to find a good one and stay with that for a long time. I don't want to be trying other powders when I know I have one that works I am not really interested in trying others.

But on a recent definitely not needed trip to Boots I did pick up this powder to try. It's the Seventeen Stay Time Pressed powder, I picked this up in Fair. The powder claims to fix your foundation in place, recommending to use a brush for lighter application or using a sponge which is something I haven't heard a lot. I tend to just use a powder brush as for me it is a lot easier.

The range offers two shades, which is quite disappointing as I had to pick up the lightest shade out of the range even though I am fairly tanned at the moment and even that seemed to be just about right. The powder comes in a small little container, there isn't a brush or a mirror provided which is like most powders nowadays. But comparing this to the Rimmel Stay Matte powder you don't get an awful lot. 

The powder is fairly pigmented, I normally have to brush a little excess off my hand before applying to the face as it can't be a little faint to begin with. The only I would say is really try to blend this into the skin. As after the first time trying it, I noticed that it did nothing. But when buffed into the skin it looks much better.

I wouldn't say this is a wonder powder at all, it does work well as being a good powder. But only for about 2 hours then after that oil starts to show more and then it has no stay power anymore. I have oily skin but I have managed to control it before I tried this powder so I would say that even if you have normal skin it still may not be the best for a long lasting powder.

This powder is priced at £4.49 which is not bad, however the Rimmel Stay Matte which in my opinion is a seriously much better powder retails for £3.99 allowing you to have a much better product for less. I did find that I had to touch up my powder several times during a long day i.e (8-5) which I did expect. So in that respect paying less than £5 for a powder that can last for a little while is not too bad.

Overall, this isn't a powder I will ever rush back to use, probably one that will go at the bottom of my bag until I ever desperately need a powder.  

Now that I have got this review out of the way, I need your help! in a few weeks I am going to be beginning my Christmas posts. If there are any recommendations or posts that you personally want then feel free to comment them down below as I am hoping to do one or two Christmas related posts a week soon. 

                                           Until next time, Chloe!