That Perfect Autumn Lip Pencil - Kiko Smart Lip Pencil Review

 I was never in that Kylie Jenner big lips faze, the lip liner and lipstick duo was never really my kinda thing. However, since that trend started I have become more and more interested in the idea of lip liners. 

Deciding to break out of my shell, I went and looked around Kiko whilst I was on holiday in August and picked up this 'Smart Lip Pencil' in the Shade Light Plum 711. This is a perfect Purple/Red shade that I thought would look great in the Winter. 

The lip pencil claims to have a smudge-proof hold, helping to define lips with or without using a lipstick as well. In my opinion I find that works much better on its own rather than pairing it with a lipstick. 

The colour pay off is great, it creates a fairly deep purple/burgundy shade that reminds me slightly like an MUA Lipstick I featured in last years Autumn Lipsticks post. The lip liner has a matte finish which is a nice touch especially for it being more of an Autumn shade.

I find that it tends to last around 3 hours before you really should re-apply it. I wouldn't say that this is the most long lasting lip liner, but you shouldn't really expect them to stay on all day anyway. 

The lip liner is priced at £2.50  which is possibly one of the cheapest lip liners I have tried. And considering the shade range and colour pay off this is definitely at too cheap a price. I would probably pay about £5+ for this, just because of how well it works.

Overall, I have been fairly impressed with this lip liner. Being one of the first lip liners I have actually tried I feel fairly confident now with trying some that are more of a nude shade. So if you have any recommendations feel free to comment them down below.

                      Until next time, Chloe!