The two essential outfits for Autumn

Autumn, the time to pull out your scarves and ankle boots and take in all the leaves falling and the chilly weather about to arrive. For me Autumn is the one season I feel comfortable in, I can wear my over-sized 'i feel like a pimp coat' without feeling like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. I can pull out my ankle boots and turtlenecks as I keep warm and still manage to look good, and without having to break the bank either!

When it comes to outfits in Autumn I look for two things, comfort and warmth. But still looking fashionable is a side part. I am going to be mentioning two outfits that I am in love with for Autumn. To keep the cost down I am going to be re-wearing some bits of clothing as they pretty much work with all the outfits.

1. Turtleneck, boots in check - This outift is my most weared one out of the two, I can wear this for anything really and still manage to keep warm and look fashionable. Compared to the two outfits this is the 'safer' outfit, I normally just wear this outfit with my watch and a little ring and then it's done.

The turtleneck is honestly one of my favorite tops for Autumn/Winter this year. I would normally just go for a basic black top or a jumper but this is the first time I have gone for a turtleneck. I love how it is in between a red and orange even though on the photo it looks like a red, it is a slight in between. Second thing I love about this is that it helps to keep me seriously warm. I have walked home for 20 minutes in the freezing cold with just this no coat and still managed to stay warm. Third and possibly the most surprising thing is this was only £5 from Primark. I have recently gone off Primark, I haven't really been keen on much of their clothes this year but I went in the other day and managed to pick this up as well as a black version of this and there famous seriously good quality black tights.

The skirt has been a favorite of mine for months. Since going off skater skirts I wanted something that would be flattering to my figure but something that was different. Wasn't just the straightforward black skirt. And now I have it, with the asymmetric design it actually helps to hide a little bit of my stomach, making me look a little bit slimmer which is always a bonus. This skirt is only £12.99 from H&M which in my opinion is pretty reasonable considering for me I manage to wear this for work, college, and everyday going out really.

The boots are my newest love, I got these the other day and I can guarantee comfort straight away. I have walked around in these for almost 10 hours and I have found them to be pretty comfy. They have this grunge look to them. With a strong heel at the bottom they can feel a little bulky at first. However, I prefer something that I know is going to last. And if I am walking around in the snow I want boots that are gonna help to keep me upright, not falling butt first on the ice. The boots are £60 from Clarks which is expensive however, they are real leather and I can guarantee you that they will last you a long time. These boots come in four colors so there should be a pair for everyone to like. I have worn these boots with jeans and skirts as well as leggings and they look great with anything as they aren't bulky at the top they fight nicely to your legs.


2. Buckles and turtleneck - Autumn this year has been about change for me, I have been trying new outifts, different clothes that I would have not even dreamed of wearing last year. And honestly I feel seriously confident in this outfit. It doesn't show off any of my body meaning that I don't feel self consicious of looking 'big' in this. If you have seen my September favorites clothing post then you would have already seen this skirt. I am absoluetly in love with this. It has that burgundy leather look that I am in love with and with it being an a line skirt I feel like it compliments my figure much better than some skirts I have worn in the past. 
 The turtleneck is just warm city, like my previous one this stops me from getting cold and for the price. I honestly have nothing negative about it. Moving onto my shoes, these are a completely new thing for me. I have never really worn shoes like these but honestly I am quite happy with them. Personally I would only really wear these with skirts or possibly jeans just depending on what they are like as they don't work that great with leggings. These were only £15 from Shoe zone which is a shoe brand I barely go in as I am not a huge fan as some of there stuff doesn't last that long but so far they have lasted quite well considering they aren't real leather. 

And that is that! There are two outfits that I have been loving throughout Autumn. This has definitely not been the most straightforward post for me to do but nevertheless I hope people have liked seeing something different than reviews on my blog. If you like to see this thing more often then feel free to let me know in the comments as I will make sure to include more.

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Until next time, Chloe!


  1. I love these outfits but the first one is my favourite too. I love the turtle neck and skirt look too, really easy but effective :)

    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you! I actually wore outfit number two today just to change it up a little

      Chloe x

  2. Love those boots! I'm still waiting for some to be delivered which are so similar! xx

    Tamz \\

    1. Thank you! They were definitely a winter treat for myself haha

      Chloe x