October Favorites - Clothes and Music

Throughout October I have been sticking to the similar styles of clothes, any that will keep me warm and comfy. If you have read my Essential Autumn Outfits posts then you would have already seen one of these outfits. But at the moment my main fashion love this month has been turtleneck especially this one from Primark for £5. This has to be one of the comfiest turtlenecks I have had in a long time, it does take a little getting used to begin with however now I find it to be so comfy and warm I never want to take it off! 

You can wear this with most outfits, I mainly wear it with skirts but you can wear it with jeans as well. 


In terms of music I have fell in love with several artists throughout this month. First of is Years and Years, these have been my loves since around March. Their album Communion is a serious recommendation for anyone who likes electronic/funky music. My favorite song off their album is possibly Ties as I like the seriousness of the lyrics but the electronic pop beat. 
Moving onto next is Kevin Garett, I discovered a few of his songs whilst I was scrolling through Spotify and honestly I have fallen in love with his voice. I would say that he has a voice similar to Sam Smith but much softer, his music has a deep and powerful beat. Out of all his songs that I have listened to Pushing Away is probably my favorite. 

I could carry on for hours about all the things I have been loving this month but I thought it would be better to just summarise a few for this month. I hope you have enjoyed my monthly favorites post and I am hoping that I am able to do this every month in this format hopefully. Fingers crossed!. 

Until next time, Chloe!