October Favorites - Makeup & Skincare

October has been a fast month for me, it seems like only yesterday I was saying goodbye to September and now here is the goodbye of October and hello to November. I am going to be splitting this up into two separate parts again as it can get quite lengthy otherwise. This is going to be a mixture of makeup, skincare, fashion, and music so here we go with the makeup and skincare.

First up - makeup. There are three products that I have been loving throughout the month. First up is an eyeshadow palette from MUA. This the Elysium palette that comes with 10 shades that allow you to transform your look from day to night. This palette features a collection of mattes and glitters, ranging from neutral to dark this palette has been my essential through this month. I am particularly loving the shades Air, Charm, and Refine as they help to create this very subtle smoky eye. Seeing as smoky eyes are not in my expert list yet I want to practice with something a little bit delicate rather than going full out straight away. The palette is only £6 which to me is a steal considering all the shades are highly pigmented and last for a seriously long time without any primer. This palette also comes with a pencil highlighter and eyeliner that I haven't properly tried but from what I have noticed they seem to work fairly okay. Nothing to really scream about but they do last for a fairly okay time.

Now this next bit of makeup that I have been loving is a primer, I am always looking for a long lasting primer to help the longevity of my foundation. The Max Factor face infinity is the one, it claims to extend the wear of your foundation for all day. I find that when I use this it adds around 3 hours extra onto the wear of my foundation which for me is a blessing. It has a quite a smooth texture and feels similar to coconut milk giving allowing it to sink really nicely into the skin. And for only £10.99 you getting a primer that will help to keep your foundation together and allow you to look good all day. 


Now moving onto skincare I have been really into body lotions at the moment. As the weather has been getting a lot colder I have noticed that my skin hasn't had the glow that it usually has. I have still been moisturizing but I wanted to try a lotion just to see if that helped to nourish my skin, so on an unneeded trip I landed into the Body shop. I picked up the Strawberry Body Lotion as I don't normally tend to go for that scent. But oh my am I glad I did, it has such a fresh scent that I went back the next day and got the shower gel as well. It doesn't have the artificial scent that a lot of scented products can have. I tend to usually apply this just after getting out of the shower or bath. This just leaves my skin feeling seriously clean, after about a month of using it I have noticed that my skin has got back to that healthy glow I wanted. 

These are just some of the products I have been loving this month, in my other October Post I am going to be mentioning my clothing and music favorites through this past month. 
Until next time, Chloe!