The Christmas Gift Guide - Stocking Fillers for her

It feels weird to me that at the beginning of November I am planning all my Christmas posts. Even though Christmas is only over 30 days away I still feel so early for it! But truth be told I have already gone out and bought my Christmas bedding so I'm starting to get the Christmas theme going now. 

I am going to be splitting the posts into categories: stocking fillers, main presents, and then any other products that have caught my eye this year. I will be doing separate ones for boys and girls and one post specifically on couples. 

First up is the stocking fillers for her. I didn't want to overcrowd this so I chose two makeup products, skincare, and then a novelty alternative. However, these are only a few of the things I have picked out as there are hundreds I could mention but I wanted to chose ones that either had tried personally or know are quality products to be giving this year. 

Moving into makeup I am introducing you to one of the newest edition to the Sleek collection, the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice. For £9.99 you get a gold covered highlighter palette featuring 4 shades ranging from cream to shimmer pigments. From personally trying this myself I can promise you that the pigmentation is amazing, even applying a little bit you can still see it with it staying on all day. And with it being just under £10 this doesn't break the bank and would be a nice little stocking filler for someone who is either advanced or practicing with makeup as it does give you a how to use on the package. Watch this space as I will be reviewing it soon!

The other makeup product is the Soap and Glory Kissmas Cracker, first off love the name. This is very similar to what they did last year. This is a condensed handbag friendly version of their Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in the shade Rose and Shine. This is the perfect gift for maybe a younger girl as it is just a lip gloss or maybe someone who is older, for £8 you can't go wrong with popping one of these in their stocking. 
Now this next gift is a body care gift. I know that a lot of people nowadays tend to just go for something simple at Christmas. The last thing you want is to get someone a gift that they don't really want or will use. So going for something like this is ideal. This is the Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Treat Box, in this it includes a miniature frosted cranberry shower gel, miniature frosted cranberry body butter, and a red mini crinkle bath lily. I can guarantee that the Frosted Cranberry set is perfect for anyone who likes scents that are sweet but have a slight spice hint to them. The set is priced at £8 which honestly is reasonable considering you are getting two miniatures that would for a bigger size be priced together double than this amount. They also do a glazed apple and plum version of this set. 

And my last item is a novelty item that honestly melted my heart when I found this. For the novelty item I wanted it to be something unusual, something that you would open on Christmas day and be amazed at. After looking for a bit I came across the 'Little bag of happiness' priced at £5 you get a small bag/sack that includes several novelty items such as a plaster, star, and a marble. 

Now this might sound weird at first and a waste of money, but my heart melted at this when I read about it as their is a little note inside the bag explaining the use for each object. The idea behind this product is that it is more novelty rather than useful so this would be perfect for a friend or maybe someone you know who is going through a hard time and wants cheering up a little bit. I am in love with this idea and the thought behind it really says a lot considering it is only a stocking filler present.  

So these are a few of the stocking filler products I have managed to pick out, I hope these have been useful I just wish I could include more. If you have any suggestions for me to look at then feel free to comment them down below!

                                                       Until next time, Chloe!