December 11th - Signature Winter Scents

Through December, my perfumes will constantly change. I want to be finishing off my perfumes at this stage. In the hopes that I can re-purchase the ones I have liked through the year as well trying any that I get at Christmas.

I have had 2 signature perfumes this year that I am getting towards the end of. The first one being the Diesel Loverdose perfume, this has a cinnamon sweet scent to it. Making it a perfect Autumn scent as it has that spice and sweet side to it. This is the perfect day perfume for me.

The second favorite was a luxury perfume for me, it is the My Burberry perfume. I have always been a lover of Burberry, seeing as I can only dream for now about that £800 coat that is calling my name from their stores. The perfume is a very close second. With quite an elegant powerful scent to it, I prefer to wear this mainly for special occasions as I don't want to just be wasting it.

These are just some of the scents I have been loving through Winter. If there are any accents that you have been loving feel free to comment them down below.

                                                          Until next time, Chloe!