December 17th - Winter Bodycare Essentials

With the cold weather hitting, I have noticed a drastic change in my skin. Instead of having that healthy glow my skin just looks pale, I am getting dry skin constantly on my arms. So to help battle the cold and keep my natural glow to my skin. 

One of the products that I have been using is the Soap and Glory Clean Girls skin softening creamy body wash. Infused with Vanilla and Magnolia this has a calming scent to it. It creates a rich lather than when washed off leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. 

After using a body wash I like to use either a body scrub or body butter. Seeing as it's getting cold I don't want to be stood out of the shower applying a scrub when I could use a body butter. So for the time being I have been using another product by Soap and Glory it is their Righteous Butter Body moiturizer. This has quite a sweet scent to it, infused with Shea butter this always helps to leave my skin looking soft. I find that this sometimes helps to give my skin a subtle glow. 

The last thing I have been using a lot over the Winter is the Dove Summer Glow nourishing lotion, this has a gradual self tanner in it which I have found to be very useful over this Winter. As unlike fake tan it doesn't just give you 'tanned' skin straight away it builds up the more you use it over a few days. I find that this way it looks more natural as well as helping my skin to have that glow it did in the Summer.

This is suitable for fair to medium skin, I find it best to apply it once every two days as it can sometimes be a bit patchy or too heavy if you do it everyday. So splitting it up really helps to make it look natural. 

And that is just some of the products I have been using over this Winter. If there are any Winter Products you think I should be using feeling free to comment them down below

                                      Until next time, Chloe!