December 22nd - The £6.99 Mascara You Need

The one makeup essential I can't live without is mascara. I like my eyes to look big, mascara and eyeliner help to transform my face making my eyes appear a lot brighter. 

I am constantly testing out new mascaras, trying to find the best ones that help to give my lashes volume without flaking. And after testing this one out for a few months I have found my favorite one so far. It is The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black mascara from Maybelline.

Claiming to give extreme volume effect with the double plump wand. This has become a necessity for me. I normally like to shape my eyelashes using a standard mascara beforehand as it can sometimes clump all my lashes together. 

But when all my lashes are separated this creates a beautiful voluminous look, it doesn't flake throughout the day. Nor does it run either so trust me this is cry proof - tried and tested. 

My main thing I love about this is that it is only £6.99, compared to more expensive mascaras from the drugstore this is the best one for me personally in terms of performance and quality. 

So for only £6.99 you are getting one of the best voluminous mascaras out in the drugstore, you would be silly to at least not give it a try. 

                                      Until next time, Chloe!