December 23rd - Concealer Palette You Should Skip

Now I didn't want to put any negative posts during Blogmas. However, it's more of a mixed review. I am always trying out new concealers and when Collection released their new concealer palette I was already madly in love. 

Collection are a small drugstore makeup brand that are famous for their Lasting Perfection concealer, So after falling in love with at least one of their products. I decided to go ahead and try their #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro concealer palette.

This features 8 shades, ranging from highlighters to green concealers. This has everything for everyone. I am quite happy with the shades, I can mix the tones to create my ideal shade which I have absolutely no problem with. 

They provide a good finish on the skin and do help to conceal some of my blemishes as well as highlighting parts of my face. 

But the consistency of these are poor, for some reason since the second I swatched all the shades on the back of my hand. The palette just dried out. Now I normally use a wet beauty blender for this so I didn't actually notice this problem until I went away for a weekend without my beauty blender and found this problem. 

They are so dry that it becomes almost impossible to blend them as they flake off. Now I know that products can dry up but surely they shouldn't after one use. 

I wouldn't say that I don't recommend these products it's just that at £5.99 although sometimes on offer at £3.99 this isn't the best drugstore concealer palette I have tried. And although the price may not seem high, for some people this can be a lot and especially for a product that doesn't work as well as it should. 

For me this is more of a personal opinion, I am not a huge fan of this so it will just be put to the side for now and in a few months I will probably try it out again and see if my opinion has changed. But for now I am not fully loving this product. 

If there are any other concealer palettes you think I should try, feel free to comment them down below and they could be in my next post.

                              Until next time, Chloe!