Brand Review - Makeup Revolution

Over the past few months, my obsession with Makeup revolution has been growing and growing. I have just fell in love with so many of their products. From the quality to the price there are some real winners in the brand. And some that for me just don't work. I wanted to share 2 of my loves, one of which I have featured before. And one that I feel like I need to briefly go over. 

Starting with the straight up no is their Matte Effect Foundation. I picked this up on a whim as it was only £2. The packaging is cheap looking which is disappointing compared to the rest of their products, it lets too much out at a time meaning I was wasting so much of it before I had barely tested it. The finish that it left was just cakey, it didn't look like my skin at all. It was as if someone had just threw paint on me. I don't want to dwell on about this because as a brand they have some real winners, they just really need to stay away from the foundation side of makeup. 

So starting now with the real winners, are two of their Iconic Pro Lipsticks. I have currently only tried two of their shades as I am trying to shy away from that buying almost every shade to come home and realise I already have that shade from different brands. The two that I own are You're a star and Absolutely flawless. Both quite similar in colour accept Absoultely Flawless is more creamy and slightly darker. Whereas You're a star - my favorite out of the two provides a gorgeous natural matte finish. Which isn't drying on the lips. They have that MAC like packaging to them, and with the rose gold casing inside. I am more than in love with these £2.49 lipsticks. I have done a full review of them here.

Now for the new product onto this blog. It's the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in the shade Golden Days. Supposedly a dupe to the MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes, this bronzer is packed with shimmer. After applying only a tiny bit, I have a natural bronzed face with a hint of shimmer. I prefer to really blend this in as it can help with the wear time. This isn't going to last you all day but for £4.00 I don't mind touching it up during the day. 

And the one product that I won't mention again seeing as it appears now in practically every post is the Iconic Pro 2 Palette. This is just a beautiful palette that you need to at least try. I will leave my review here so that you can get an indepth look at how I find using this beauty. 

That is it for today, I am always on the hunt for new brands and products to try. If you have any recommendations feel free to comment them down below

                                 Until next time, Chloe!


  1. I'm a massive fan of makeup Revolution. I love the vivid baked bronzer and their contour palette is a firm favourite to! I also really like their other brand Freedom! They're definitely worth checking out! xx

    1. Yeah, I have a list of things I want to try from Freedom! I'm trying to find products I don't already have to try and I am definitely considering the contour palette

      Chloe x