January Favorites - Fashion

Now I have become a lot more in love with fashion over the past few months. I have started to care more about how I look. Especially finding the clothes that really suit my figure. 

Through January I have been in the sales, on Asos and plenty of other places and have managed to get some clothing I really love. So I thought it would be good to share with you a few pieces I have been loving through January. 

First up is a skirt, now it is no surprise that I own another skirt. That may be 9 or 10 now. But this one is a green button up a line skirt. I will admit that I don't normally go for green but the fit of this skirt and when paired with a turtleneck really does look good. Plus the skirt has pockets which to me is an essential with a lot of skirts. This was £20 from Ark although I did get an extra £2 as the perks of being a student. 

I've also fell in love with a pair of shoes. No surprise there, a few months back I was raving about my t bar style shoes that I had bought and after getting a discount in my job. I decided to pick up a similar pair. These are Griffin Mia's from Clarks. These are similar to the Griffin Monty's which are a famous shoe in the Clarks shops but the Griffin Mia is new. With the little fringe detail this helps to make your shoes stand out a little more and look a bit more dressier. What I love the most is that you can just simply slip off the fringe and the shoe becomes Griffin Monty. Two looks for the price of one essentially. These were £50 which I will admit is not cheap however for the fact that you can change the look of them and the comfort insole inside that makes them unbelievably comfy. There's no surprise I already want a second pair of these. 

I'm not normally a coats or jacket lover. I tend to just get one coat and wear that for the year. But whilst going through the January Sales I came across this blazer/jacket from Dorothy Perkins. This is quite long on me that gives this vintage almost secondhand feel to it. But with the pockets and design this has become one of my favorite jackets to wear. As it is quite a dark colour this tends to match with almost everything that I wear. Making it the perfect alternative when I'm not wearing my coat. The final bonus with this is that it only cost me £15 as I got student discount on top of the sale price. Just more perks of being a student. This helps to keep me comfy and warm as well as giving a hint of pattern to my outfits. 

And there are just a few pieces I have been loving through January. If there are anythings that you have been loving through January feel free to comment them down below.

                                   Until next time, Chloe!