Makeup in 2015 - The Good, The Kinda Bad, And The Just Plain Wrong

Hello everyone, I hope that 2016 has already been the start of a good new year for you all. As we have said goodbye to 2015 I wanted to summarise the year within makeup. Showing you the products I've loved and want to take into 2016 and the products that I will be leaving behind. 

Starting off on a positive is a foundation you won't be surprised to see. It is the L'Oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation. This has become my top drugstore foundation, with that matte finish which for someone with oily skin like me is a must. This helps to create a flawless and smooth finish to the face. For £7.99 this is the perfect foundation for anyone who wants a flawless matte coverage. 

Pulling one out of the bin, this is a product I won't be taking into 2016. This is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Nude Attitude. Now the formula great, matte finish great, the shade itself - horrible. The packaging suggets this is going to be a peachy pink which I thought after I ordered this online and when it came in the post I was so excited until I swatched it on my hand and it turns out to actually be a very foundation like orange shade. I would have loved this if only they actually matched it correctly to the colour on the label. 

Another one I will be leaving is the Elf Waterproof Liner, I had read so many reviews on this claiming that it was great and one of the best liners everyone had used. And I agree the liner is good however, as advised from the packaging you have to leave it upside down all the time. Which basically means the liner won't come out black which I discovered various times. My second issue is how flimsy the pen is, from only using it several times the pen just bent and was on a curve meaning that I couldn't do my eyeliner properly since that point. Considering this was one of the first products I had tried from Elf I wasn't too impressed.

However, an eyeliner that I have loved is the Soap and Glory SuperCat liner. The pen is a little thicker than most eyeliners out there, but I usually prefer this anyway as I do like to go for a dramatic winged eye sometimes so this eyeliner really helps to make it easy. It has an intense black look and doesn't fade or flake through the day. This is the essential eyeliner everyone needs to try from the drugstore. 

To finish on a high note I thought I would mention the product out of all the ones I have mentioned on here it has to be the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 palette. I didn't really expect much from a £6.99 palette but the pigmentation and wear of these shades is phenomenal. They blend in beautifully and without a primer they last on the eyes for around 6 hours which is amazing wear. Ultimately I will be taking this straight into the new year with me and hopefully building my collection with the rest. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few of the products I have loved and hated, if you would like to see anymore then comment them down below.

                                       Until next time, Chloe!