The All Round Plaid Top

With there being this awkward transition into Spring from Winter where everything has suddenly now got colder. I have tried to find pieces that work in either weathers.
I wanted to find a top that I could wear with most things and be able to wear in Spring and Winter. My usual style is normally dark, i'm not a huge fan of pastels on me so it was no surprise when I picked up this navy and green plaid shirt.
I find that I can wear this on its own and it still keeps me warm, or if it is one of those morning where it's a little too cold I can always wear a turtleneck or some kind of t shirt underneath as layering. It is the perfect top to wear as it gives off this casual but not lazy look. And if I have just thrown this on 5 minutes before having to head out of the door if it could at least make me look ready. That would be a blessing.
I also have this in a pink/ and navy meaning I can switch them up between days.And considering this was only £9.99 from Select you can't really complain as this I promise you is unbelievably soft. I want to know what some of your staple pieces of this time are. Feel free to comment them down below
Until next time, Chloe!