The Aloe Vera Moisturizer Hit?

Instanaturals has become one of my favorite skincare brands over the past few months. After loving their spot gel as well as trying out their mud mask and eye cream. It was no surprise that I jumped at the chance to try their new Aloe Vera based gel that you can use as a cooling moisturizer. 

Aloe vera became a huge hit in 2015, from drinking it to putting it in your hair. It was used in everything. It is most commonly known for the skincare benefits, from spots to sunburn this can cool your skin helping to reduce redness as well as any puffy eyes. 

I have not been taking the best care for my skin recently, since having many late nights spent revising or at work I have really abandoned my routine. My skin just lost that fresh and healthy look to it and I was getting more spots than ever before. 

So this moisturiser stepped in at the right time, my face was just red everywhere. Spots out of this world. And after three weeks my skin is on the mend. I normally apply this mainly at night as otherwise aloe vera can be quite drying on the skin. You only need one pump to cover the whole face. I normally end up with a litte extra. 

One thing Instantaurals do best is their product sizes, this is a 400ml bottle and considering I have used this everyday for around 3 weeks. I have barely used a quarter of the bottle compared to my 50ml moisturisers that I have to replace every 3 weeks. 

Now this is priced at slightly higher than drugstore prices. But for the quality and amount of product I am quite happy to pay £15.95 as this is currently on sale so get it while you can! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback. 

                                       Until next time, Chloe!