Cute Bedroom Decor Ideas

For the past few months I have been trying to redecorate my room. From adding fairy lights to my bed to even now redecorating my fireplace. I feel like I have finally got it sorted in some style that I am honestly quite proud of. 

As I have just ordered a new set of lights for my bed. There will be a post on them soon. But today it's all about the Fireplace. As I still have the original fireplace in my bedroom that we have closed in. I really wanted to take advantage of the fireplace as it is this perfect cream colour that blends well with my room. 

Sadly it wasn't wide enough to use as somewhere to place all my makeup so instead I have used it for decorative purposes. I didn't want to just let the space go to waste. My plan wasn't to go overboard either so the decorations are fairly simple. 

The first decoration is a perfume. This is my favorite perfume of all time the My Burberry perfume. This is actually my second bottle of this, I just love the scent and it is such a nice luxurious perfume. My fireplace is next to my bed so I never forget to go over there to spray a bit of perfume. And as the bottle has a vintage design it helps to make my fireplace have this vintage feel to it. 

Next up is my diary, If you can see closely on the photo this is actually a personalized diary. The diary is from Paperchase for £3.50  and the lettering came from a pack of letter stickers from Fred Aldous. The letters spell out MySecondAttempt after this blog as this is where I write down all my blogging ideas. By keeping it on my fireplace I never forget to pick it up and write any ideas down whilst on the go. 

Lastly, is the flower and vase. Now I don't think I have ever mentioned it on this blog but I am a lover of Ikea. It is beyond crazy how much I go in there just to see if they have anything new in. The Vase is a milk bottle design that was £1 One pound, that's it. Then to complete the vase I picked up this white and pink rose also from Ikea. This was £2.50 I believe, it doesn't have that fake and tacky look that some artificial look. This little bundle was a bargain in my opinion. 

And there are just some of the decorations I have bought recently. This is a little different to what I normally post about. But if you like these kind of posts I can start a series as I will be moving out in a few months to Uni. Where little decorations like this will be in handy. 

Until next time, Chloe!