H&M Lip Collection Review And Swatches

A few months back H&M released their very own makeup range. After falling in love with their eyeshadows I decided to go back the other day and finally try some more products from the range. The range offers almost everything from foundation to nail polish there really is something for everyone. 

For this trip I set out for lips, the liquid lipstick craze has become popular at the moment so I wanted to see if they had any that could help me get into that trend. This leads us to the first product the H&M  Velvet Lip Cream in Enchante. Now the product and formula are great, they give off the creamy velvet lipstick look. Although it does feel a little drying and the lipstick can settle a bit too much on the lips it is still an okay product. My issues are with two things, first off the shades. I picked up the shade Enchante and seeing as there were no testers for this one I took a risk. The packaging makes it look like this nudey pink that I would probably love. It's bright pink and can't be toned down so that was a no, plus the range is quite poor as there isn't an actual nude shade at all. Now my second issue is the price £6.99 is a lot for this especially for the lack of shades and the way that this sits on the lips and just doesn't really feel like it is worth that much. Maybe if they had a better shade range my opinion would change but I just feel like this is a good product but at the moment it is lacking so much. 

Next up is there Colour to go lipstick pencils. These are meant to be a lip product you can just apply quickly in the morning and head out the door. Now I love the idea of this, I was expecting it to be like a balm similar to the Revlon lip balms. Instead it's more like a cheap lip gloss. Again there weren't any testers for the shade I picked up but the packaging made it looks like a rose gold light pink. On my lips and hand it's this over glittered dark red/pink gloss that transfers onto the lips quite patchy. For £4.99 I was beyond not impressed. The consistency is quite glumpy and not at all like a lipstick.


Now to avoid leaving this on a negative note, I do want to mention the lipstick I have oddly grown to love from them. My main issue with the range is the lack of nude and just different shades that aren't red and berry. I don't want to own another red lipstick to add to the 4 I already own. 

I picked up this lipstick in the shade In a nutshell. This is a mauve beige shade which at first didn't match my lips. However, when I played around with it, I managed to make it into this nice your lips but better shade or if I want to go a little different. A light faint purple shade by pairing this with my Topshop Naturist Lipstick. For a matte lipstick the finish is good, it doesn't feel drying and lasts for a long time. I'm impressed by how much you can use this lipstick for different looks. In fact I don't really mind paying £7.99 for it as the Topshop lipsticks that I love are only a penny more. 


I feel like the lipstick has honestly saved the collection from getting a massive 0/10 off me. I would say that with these products to just find a tester no matter what. Don't go buying a product if you can't at least see what it looks like in the packaging. 

         Until next time, Chloe!