The Best Lightweight Foundation There Is? Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

A foundation should be one of many things long lasting, blendable, and good coverage. When I am testing out foundations I am always looking at the coverage. It should still look natural but should 
help mask my spots. 

I have found a number of foundations that do this well and today's post is about the latest one. Bourjois Air Mat foundation, the first actual foundation I have tried from Bourjois. This claims to give a 24 coverage which actually lasts around 10 hours before you really ought to touch it up. Even 10 hours is good for a drugstore foundation. 

The foundation claims to allow the skin to breathe whilst giving a non-drying matte look. Avoiding the 'face mask' look that can happen with some foundations. Their claims are all filled in perfectly. 

When applying this the foundation blends really quickly into the skin, you do have to spend an extra bit of time on the nose and eye area but the finish is lightweight it made my face feel like it had nothing on it. The foundation does have quite a strong floral scent when you first start applying it but this fades quite quickly. 

In terms of coverage this gives a medium to almost full coverage. I have a few pesky spots at the moment that are in full bloom. this foundation manages to cover them leaving just a little redness that can be covered with concealer. If you are after a lightweight BB cream like foundation this one isn't the one. 

Once I have applied powder, setting spray and everything else to my face and gone out for a few hours. My face is still matte and I can't feel my foundation. After about 6 hours I did start to feel a bit of oil but a little powder can sort that out. 

After wearing it for 9 hours it was still there, it had gone a little around my hair line at the top but I had done a lot of running around at work. Only one touch up so far after having this on for 9 hours. 

When I finally got home at 8pm having worn this since 7pm I can guarantee that this would not be a 24 hour foundation unless you really touched it up. But having worn it for almost 13 hours the foundation and the coverage was still there. It did show a bit of wear but after this long you would expect it. 

The only downside which wasn't exactly a problem for me but could potentially be for others is the shade range. They only have 5 shades to choose from and although the shades are quite clearly different to one another it could still be difficult for everyone to find an exact match for them. I picked up the shade Vanilla 02 which is only a good match for me as I have a slight tan at the moment. 

I am beyond impressed at how lightweight yet high coverage this is, I was expecting it to be quite a slight coverage but this did not disappoint. It is priced at £9.99 which is average for Bourjois and other brands like L'Oreal and Revlon. But if you are interested in trying this I honestly do recommend it. 

So if you do try this or other foundations that you think I should try feel free to comment them down below

                              Until next time, Chloe!