The Drugstore Pro Concealer

L.A Pro are an American makeup brand that I hadn't heard of until I started watching Glam Life Guru on Youtube. This is an inexpensive drugstore brand that offers a variety of products aiming to suit everyone. As I had never tried this brand before I only wanted to try one thing to start with. I picked up the L.A Pro concealer in the shade Natural.

I am a huge fan of high coverage, I have a lot of redness and spots that most foundations and concealers don't really cover it all the way that I would like. This concealer claims to provide a natural looking coverage whilst masking dark circles and redness. 

I have been testing this out for over 2 months now, seeing how it works when my skin has a lot of spots compared to when my skin is quite calm. In either of these situations the concealer works well.

With the spots I find that it gives a good coverage but doesn't exactly cover them completely. This is without having to use any color corrector so really it doesn't do that bad of a job. But I prefer to use this just for masking redness and dark circles rather than on spots as it tends to be too creamy that it slips off the spot and conceals around it. 

My only problem I have is with the shades. Because this is an American brand that isn't in the Uk I had a problem trying to find my exact shade. The selection is great I couldn't fault that I just wish they did proper swatches so that I could see whether the concealer had pink tones. As the shade Natural that I picked up was a little too dark for me but I did manage to blend it in so that it worked alright. 

This is priced at £5 on Beauty crowd which for a drugstore concealer is pretty good. I would say for those of you that haven't heard about this concealer. It is the American, more pigmented version of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer with more shades to choose from than the standard 3 with Collection. 

So if you are interested in trying this give it a go and tell me how you got on in the comments. 

Until next time, Chloe!