February Favorites - Clothes and Lifestyle

This month I haven't really invested in some killer statement outfit pieces. Instead I have gone more on the comfort side. As I have been doing a lot of travelling around and a lot of stay in and do work nights whilst also trying to fit in a gym routine. I've been focused on finding outfits that are comfy and okay to where inside and outside. 

First up are yoga pants. I had never owned a pair of yoga pants before the end of last month and trust me i am never going back. These are potentially one of the comfiest pair of workout clothes I have owned. As i'm doing all my workouts at home I prefer to get home put these on do my workout have a shower etc and wear these just around the house. They remind me a lot like leggings but the material is a lot thicker so I have managed to wear these outside of the house and not feel conscious that everything is on show. These yoga pants were from Sports Direct for £7.99 reduced from £22.

Next up is a jumper. Because it is still a little bit cold as we are in that period where it's almost Spring but Winter isn't over yet I wanted to get a jumper that wasn't too thick but would still leave me warm. This one in grey is perfect for this. I love the slit design on it meaning that it can make this boring grey jumper have a bit of style and look different. I tend to pair this with a pair of jeans or my yoga pants but I have worn this tucked in with a skirt and it looks nice but because of the slits I would rather wear this with leggings or jeans just so that they are a bit more noticeable. This jumper is sadly not avaliable anymore but I managed to get it for £11 in the Asos sale.

In terms of lifestyle not a lot really has changed. Although I have been more into exercising and relaxing a bit more. Almost every night before bed I make sure I have a few minutes to read. This just helps to settle me down and take my mind off of exams or going on my phone which would then probably turn into me staying up for the next hour. The book that I have been loving to read at the moment is The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel. This book is based on self-control and how to master it. Something that I definitely need help with. 

I'm not that far into the book at the moment as I only started reading this around 3 weeks ago but so far I have been loving just reading a couple of pages each night. 

And for the days when I don't necessarily want to read Suits has become my love. If you don't know what this is it is an American Legal Tv Show that has me at the edge of my seat in each episode. I would honestly recommend watching at least a few episodes so that I don't spoil it for any of you who are watching it now. 

In terms of favorites for February that has been it really, I've been focusing on college work mainly so most things have been the same as January but I am going to be doing a blog post every Wednesday now for the run up to exams. Just as I am struggling at the moment to balance my time to suit everything as I do this blog as well as weekly blog post on Stdnt Beauty so check that out too.

                                                           Until next time, Chloe!