My Skin Was Real Rosie Glow - Ooharr Rose Glow Face Mask Review

Face masks are one of my essential skincare items, there hasn't been one month where I haven't tested at least one face mask. Being a fan of mud to radiant masks I am honored to get the opportunity to try out so many masks from different companies. 

The most recent one to my collection is the Rosie Glow Deep Cleansing Face Mask from Ooharr. This aims to help leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Recently my skin has been looking fairly dull so this was a great little pick me up. 

In each sachet you get 15ml and just as normal you apply an even amount all over the face giving it about 15-20 minutes to work and then wash it off. One thing I noticed straight away is that this seems to get darker the longer you leave this on. I am guessing this is an indication for when to take it off or whether it oils leaving the mask and sinking into your skin. But I like it as a little indication that it is time to wash it off. 

Afterwards like with most masks my skin felt soft and clean, I didn't apply any moisturizer the first night I used it and my skin was still so soft the next morning. A first for my skin. As the mask is quite thick I didn't find myself using an awful lot of the mask so I managed to get several uses out of the sachet. 

After using it around 3 times through this month my skin definitely has become a lot more radiant around my eye area. My skin feels a lot cleaner and naturally smoother without having to use moisturizer. 

I am impressed more than anything at how quick the changes to my skin have happened after only really using this about 3 times. For a first time product from a brand I had never heard of before I am blown away. 

I do have other face masks that this company kindly sent me so there will also be updates on those very soon.

 But until next time, Chloe!