The £6.95 Beauty Box You Need To Invest In - You Beauty Box Membership

Beauty subscription boxes became all the range just over a year ago. From Glossybox to Birchbox everyone was going mad over them. Paying a monthly fee to recieve a box of beauty goodies on your doorstep sounds like such a good idea. 

I wasn't a full fan when the idea first came out, I didn't feel like I would like any of the products any subscriptions were offering so I waited it out a while for more brands to come forward. Then I decided You beauty. 

Considering this was my first beauty box I didn't want to spend an awful lot, £6.95 doesn't sound too bad considering the products I recieved. This subscription service allows you to choose 2 products you would like to recieve then based on that they send you out 3 other goodies as well to try. 

This months box was based on relaxtion and care, the first thing I got was 2 samples of the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel. I have only used one sample of this as I am giving the other one away to a friend. But in all honesty I wasn't impressed, Real Techniques used to be a brand that really stood out for me and I was hoping that this product would stop me from using normal shampoo. I found this to be quite hard to work with and even though it was only a sample size I received I found that I was using an awful lot of it just on one brush. Compared to when I use my shampoo I can get all my brushes including my beauty blender done in one pump.  

Next up is the Keyvn Aucon Bronzer Sample in Golden Days. First off the packaging for this is a adoable it reminds me of a little book almost. I have tested this out a few times and the bronzer is quite tanned, without any fake tan this is beyond too dark for my skin. However, when I do have a bit of a tan this does work quite well. I wouldn't use this as a contour shade as there is too much orange in it, in terms of trying to create a sunkissed look with this I would definitely recommend applying some shimmer on after this. But if you want to maybe build up your bronzer then I would recommend this as a base then add some shimmer over the top to create a nice sunkissed bronzed glow. 

Moving more onto the face I also recieved a sample of the Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Face Moisturiser that claims to help build a gradual tan on your face. I have tested this out whilst fake tanning and I would say that in terms of building a gradual tan you need to be applying this almost everyday before you start to notice any real changes. I found that this had a really nice almost orange scented scent but the feel of the moisturiser has put me off it. It almost feels like a face mask, that you just feel like you need to peel off. I tend to apply this seconds before I want to sleep, in the morning I wake up and my skin feels smooth so maybe the product just takes a while to sink into the skin 

The last product I have for the face is the Puriskin resurfacing cream for the face and body. This targets problemed skin such as any acne scars or discoloration. I was particulary looking forward to trying this as I have quite a lot of acne scarring at the moment that is flaring up. I tend to massage a small amount of this into my face each night. In terms of any differences it has definitely helped to improve the appearance of the scarring, they are less purple but still noticeable which I was expecting. I do find this very similar to Sudocrem. A product that I mentioned on here a while ago that is also great for acne. Even though this was only a sample size I have barely managed to use half of it so I am definitely impressed with this. 

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I had colored hair that I normally have to dye quite frequently. So I was really happy when I recieved the Philip Kingsley Hair Elasticizer. This is almost like a hair mask that you can apply for about 20 minutes before you wash your hair or even wear it in your hair overnight after washing it. I have done both methods several times and I am beyond impressed with the results. As my hair is naturally frizzy the one thing it can really struggle with it staying soft yet still having volume. Each time I used this and then styled my hair using my straighteners it was so much easier to do. My hair actually looked healthy as well which is an added bonus for me all the time. 

Overall, I am thrououghly impressed with You Beauty. They sent me a variety of products that would suit everyone and I managed to find some products I definitely want the full size version to. In terms of beauty boxes I have been seriously impressed with this one and may even start looking at ones from other brands. 

Until next time, Chloe!