The Hair Secret You Need To Be On Board With

We've all had that day, you've woken up late. Outfit isn't working, makeup isn't cooperating and for the final part it is a bad hair day. Trust me I've been there more than enough times. Today I am sharing the one essential you need in your beauty collection. Dry shampoo.

Most people already know what it is. Dry shampoo is a spray shampoo that helps to clean your hair without getting it wet or going through the whole process. The main key part is that even if your hair is due a wash it makes your hair look washed, clean and fresh. 

I used to use supermarket brands as I never really saw the need to be paying £2/£3 for Batiste as I felt like they did the same thing. Batiste is currently on offer at Superdrug so I decided to pick up Blush just to test it out. 

First things first I don't really get any scent from this product which I know some people can be bothered about but for me it's more about how the product works. 

The one thing I noticed straight off was how much product I was using. With the supermarket ones I was getting through probably two a month because I would apply it at night and then still need to go over it again in the mornings. Whereas with Batiste I just spray a small bit into my hair at night massage it through and my hair comes out fine in the morning. 

In terms of lasting power they both lasted the same so no real comments on that. But the appearance was one other major thing I noticed. If you didn't know my hair is colored. At the moment it is this dark almost auburn red which means that something like this which is white can fade the color sometimes. 

With the supermarket spray I found that whether I put this on the night before or in the morning it added this white layer almost to my hair. My roots appeared lighter to the rest of my hair. Even though it looked nice and healthy it just looked like I was due a good dye. Whereas with Batiste the color seems to soak into the hair and disappear right after you have massaged it into the hair.

The main points that I am trying to say is that 1. Have dry shampoo in your life You will thank me later for it and 2. Don't feel that products that do the same things and are cheaper will do be the same as more expensive products. As with this comparison the extra £1 or 2 does make quite a difference. 

With haircare such as batiste it is normally on offer anyway and is in fact on offer at the moment at Superdrug £2.48 for 400ml  and £1.63 for 200ml and  which will last you a long time. I didn't buy mine until the middle of January and I only ran out the other day so definitely do go grab one. 

                                                    Until next time, Chloe!