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You Should Be Adding This Contour Kit To Your Collection - Collection Contour Kit

I was never a true contour fan initially. After testing out the Maybelline contour kit the craze never really stuck with me. To this day I tend to just apply a bit of bronzer on my cheekbones and around my face to give it a bit of definition. But I wanted to start seeing what I could really do if I did contouring properly. I picked up the Collection Highlight and Sculpt contour palette. First off this kit gives you two massive amounts of highlight and contour powder in the packaging. It has a little mirror included at the top which I personally don't really see any use for as the mirror is so thin and tiny you can barely see your face through it. 

From looking at the kit I can already see how shimmery the highlight it. The pigmentation of this is beautiful, blending in smoothly almost like a dream highlighter. Until you've worn this product for a few hours. Now I don't know what happens to it. I have tried this with different bases and it does the same thing, after a f…