A bit of explanation!


It seems like I have been gone forever, without a full explanation I feel guilty for the way I just abandoned my blog. I have always had 4 priorities: college, work, blogging, and social life. And at times in our lifes priority can take over. As I was slowly approaching exam season which is not the funnest time at all and still trying to maintain my hours at work as I am saving up for the big old step of University. My social and blogging life took a deep decline. 

Really I should have explained this, I tried to work out if I just did one post a week during exams if this would hold the blog together. As I plan and write my posts in advance I thought this would be perfect. However, the closer I got to exams and really knuckling down to revise all my inspiration and ideas had gone. I didn't want to make posts I myself wasn't interested or want to read. 

I guess you could call it a creative break, I needed to focus on other things and during this time. My makeup skills and collection itself have grown a lot. I have changed my style and developed as a person more due to the increased stress and the realization that I'll be on my own in the big bad world in a few months. 

I wish I hadn't just left the blogging scene without any explanation or even a little note. I understand that my audience have probably gone but I'm back better than ever, new ideas and a different look I feel more confident now to share my posts and really embrace blogging once again. 

In a couple of days I will be hitting the blogging scene with my June Favorites but until then

                                                  See you next time! Chloe


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