Disappointing Products - Maybelline and NYX

Every now and then I will come across a product that just doesn't work, this can be in terms of color, performance, packaging. I try to review a majority of my makeup and skincare products I own to give you my full opinion them. But these are a few products that I have kept until now and decided to share with you why they just didn't work for me. 

The first one may come as a shock to some people, it's the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. This became a fan favorite for most beauty youtubers and bloggers for quite a bit of time. I decided to try it out and ultimately see if it was really worth the hype. I only used this under my eyes as it has a brightening effect and it just seemed to cake and crack away. I used it for a whole week trying it with different primers and applying it differently each day. And not once did it look right on me. For a product that was so well hyped up I was beyond disappointed. 


I recently fell in love with NYX, in particular their liquid suedes. I started to look around at their other products but I was bitterly disappointed by an eyeliner and matte lip cream of theirs. First off with the eyeliner, I wanted something thin that would allow me to do more delicate eyeliner than what I normally do. I picked up the NYX felt tip liner and thought with how tiny the felt tip was that this would be perfect. The problem with this is that for a black eyeliner this was a joke. It was beyond runny and sheer. I would line my eyes and look at them and you could barely see what I had done. Going over the liner didn't do it any favors either. This isn't the first time an eyeliner has done this to me but even still it isn't exceptable for the liner to do this.


After loving the liquid suedes I decided to pick up some of their matte lip creams. I found this really cool dark purple shade that I thought would be really nice and something a little out of my comfort zone. Sadly there was no tester for it in the shop so I bit the bullet and decided to try it and hope for the best. And I honestly regret the purchase. The color is beautiful but it is so sheer and patchy that for such a dark and unique color like this it doesn't work or look right. It would be understandable if it was more of a nude shade but it just looks like I've been wearing it for several hours and not touching it up. 


If you have any makeup products that just didn't do it for you comment them down below. My next post is going to be a bit more upbeat with a review on a setting spray that you need to invest in. 

Until next time, Chloe!