June Favorites - Makeup and Skincare

June has been a very busy month, from the majority of my exams being around this month. I haven't had all the time I used to put a lot of effort into my makeup as other things take priority. However, there have been some products that I have really loved and tried for the first time through this month.

First up with skincare, my skin has gone completely upside down. From being an oily mess I have developed dry patches and severe acne which I'm gonna guess is due to stress. To help combat both of these issues I decided to try a more natural moisturizer. The Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion this can be used all over the body and the face. I normally use this for my face and hands as I tend to use a body butter for the rest of my body. Good way to use up the endless tubs of body butter I receive from Christmas. This doesn't clog up your pores or create anymore oil I was excited to try this as it is so gentle to use. You get 236ml for £8.99 (which is on offer quite often) which sounds like a lot. But I have been using this since the middle of May and even at this point reaching July I'm halfway through maybe. You really don't need a lot, just make sure you massage it properly into your skin then leave it to sink in. I just love how soft it makes my skin feel as well as sorting out those dry patches.

In combination with the moisturizer to help battle my acne. I have been really into mud masks this month. Putting a mask on then whilst it sets and does it job is one of the most ideal parts of my skincare routine as I can just sit and read some flashcards or do some exam questions whilst it goes to work. Mud masks work best if you have one of those pesky spots that looks like a little volcano and you just want it to deflate and cool down. Always after a mud mask apply moisturizer I advise applying a bit extra than you normally would just to ensure the moisture is still their. I have loved using the InstaNaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask which I reviewed a while back and loved it. It doesn't settle into this horrible flakey mess it just sits nicely on the skin to avoid discomfort. The product is bit of splurge at £22 for over 500ml but for the amount you get which can I reassure you is more than you will ever need. You aren't investing in a product that will just eat your money up.

Now getting onto the makeup, I decided to follow a bit of a trend at it's highest point for once, Bold liquid lipstick colors. As NYX had their ever so loving Liquid Suede collection out for so long and after I fell in love with Soft Spoken I decided I needed another one. Which has now meant I have 3 liquid suedes as I purchased another one the other day. But the second one I got is Stone Fox. Which is this beautiful grey blue in between shade. It initially is fairly glossy but after a pat down and some setting spray applied it does manage to go a bit more matte. It isn't a full force matte it just leaves a shine to it which I think is better for this sort of color. As it avoids my lips looking dehydrated or too big. It retails for £6.50 which in my opinion is reasonable enough, they can go through food, kissing, whatever you need them for really. With the high amount of shades available their will be at least one shade for everyone.

In terms of makeup and skincare that is from me. I haven't been trying to alter my skincare that much just in case it makes my acne worse. But the products I have started using have really impressed me and made a remarkable difference to my skin.

I'll be catching up with you all soon on a lifestyle post so see you all soon!

                                                        Until next time, Chloe!