My Nightime Skincare Routine

As I have mentioned previously on here before, I have trouble with my skin a lot of the time. I suffer from acne scarring that seems to be getting worse over time. As I wear a lot of makeup it's more than essential that it is all taken off at night and that I am caring for my skin the best way I can. 

But in reality I don't have all the time in the world some days to pamper my skin to the nines. So I have created my skincare routine that works around my life and still keeps my skin in tip top condition. 

First things first (i'm the realest) I grab my cleanser and I am currently trying a sonic cleansing brush that honestly is doing wonders but a review will be on soon and take off all my makeup and then go over again with the cleanser lightly to make sure all my makeup is off. This is probably the longest part of my routine. 

After this I will put on my moisturiser, after I have applied this I normally brush my teeth to help pass the time whilst my moisturiser sinks in. After this I apply a bit of vasaline to my lips to stop them from getting chapped. I grab a few drops of my serum or skin clearing spot treatment. If I have a bit more time I will use both. For a serum I really like the Sanctuary Spa Therapist Secret Facial Oil and for spot treatments I have been loving for the past couple of months really the InstaNaturals Spot Clearing treatment

Whilst they sink into my skin I normally like to make sure my room is all nice and tidy and get out my clothes for the next day. I sometimes sit down afterwards and watch some youtube videos or have a scroll through bloglovin. 

The last part of my routine involves putting my hair out of my face far away as possible as I have found that this helps a lot with the oily situation of my face. And then I apply some Sudocrem face cream to my face where the acne scarring is. I only use this twice a week as it can make your skin really greasy. This just helps to clear the scars a little especially when they are new and also shrinks my spots as well. This has been a product I have adored using for quite a while because of how well it works. 

And if I'm not already exhausted at this point I'll probably sit in bed and scroll through twitter or instagram and then slowly head off to sleep. Leaving my skin to do it's work. 

I understand this is a different post than what I normally do but if you like this type of thing and want to see a morning routine or some makeup looks I've done. Feel free to comment your suggestions down below.

                                     Until next time, Chloe!