Summer: How to look good

Summer is the time where it gets hotter, foundations start to get too sticky and we try to take as much of the good weather as possible. 

For some of us, me included it can be quite scary the idea of walking around with minimal makeup than usual. I have a lot of acne scars that I would rather have covered. I only achieve this by foundation and concealer, so at summer it can be a struggle. 

The best way to look at the summer is that it can actually be beneficial to let your skin breathe a little more. In England the majority of time it rains, as there aren't really any nutrients or vitamins being released then. When we do get those 10 minutes of sun take the opportunity. 

To make myself still feel confident I tend to still do my eye makeup as normal, do they eyebrows, and apply a little bit of bronzer. But rather than just applying foundation I just dot my concealer in the areas where my face needs it most. That way my face isn't being trapped from the sun. 

Body confidence is also another issue during summer. For me I struggle at times to still feel happy about my body even more so at Summer. The daunting thought of looking like a whale in the swimming pool. But think about it this way, you'll look more uncomfortable if you just sit by the sidelines fully clothed itching to go in. So embrace your body for what it is and do that dive bomb into the pool.

Whatever you do over the Summer just remember, this doesn't come for another year where opportunities may change so if you've got the chance to spend a day where you have the opportunity to wear minimal makeup on or even braving one of those summer outfits you haven't tried yet. Go for it, more often than not you're the only one that actually cares about how you look anyway. 

Summer for me is a time I have learned to love, Autumn and Winter are my favorite parts of the year but there's still no stopping me from relaxing for a few days by a pool in the hot weather. I hope this post has been somewhat beneficial and is maybe actually helpful.

                                   Until next time, Chloe!