Your Face Will Stay On Even Through Sweat - MAC Charged Water

I don't tend to buy a lot of products from MAC really. I tend to have a little browse round but never really fall in love with anything. Back in March on a trip to Nottingham I decided to look in one of their MAC's as I was after a setting spray. 

Now obviously the number one choice is the Urban Decay setting sprays but I wanted something. See if there are alternatives out there and came across after speaking to one of the assistants the Mineralize charged water setting spray.  

This setting spray aims to hydrate the face and with the little diamond powder flakes inside the spray this helps to energize the skin. It advises that this can be done before and after your makeup. I tend to find that my makeup sits better when I do this. 

I always have high expectations for my makeup whether it is drugstore or highstreet. I normally use a mix of drugstore and high street makeup products so I expect them to last and look the same on my face. The spray doesn't take long to sink into the skin. I like to spray this around my face and whilst it dries apply my lipstick or lip liner. And then powder afterwards. 

This has been tried and tested under different conditions. I just recently went to a concert that was indoors and felt like I was in a sauna for 3 hours. And even though I had sweated completely. My makeup was fine, yes it did need a little powder obviously but everything was sat nicely and hadn't moved or disappeared. 

Comparing my face to days when I haven't used this I notice a massive difference. My foundation doesn't look as even and my face just goes dull. It loses the energy it normally has with the setting spray. 

The main thing I wanted to check with this setting spray was that I wasn't being scammed and I would get my money's worth. I first bought the bottle in the beginning of March and I only just ran out of it last week. So a good 4 months isn't bad for my £18 setting spray. Now I know some may scream at the price as that could buy you another makeup product but does it make sense to invest in a spray that will make your already good makeup better or waste your money on other products that aren't gonna have the same effect. 

One last point before I will rest my case is the packaging, with the MAC famous style pump I couldn't fault it. The fact that the bottle is plastic has been a life saving idea as you wouldn't want to even try and count the amount of times I have almost dropped this everywhere. 

Overall, I am in love with this product at some point I would like to try the Urban Decay settings sprays but for me currently they seem like something I would only want to use on special occasions. Although I am not MAC's biggest advocate I really do think the brand has some absolute gems that you need to at least test in the store. Go and give your face a little spray of the charged water whilst you're in there and you will understand the difference it has on your skin. 

                                                            Until next time, Chloe!