Life Update - University

I have never really explained on my blog much about my personal life. Why I have breaks for a month or why my posts are up a day late. Currently I am preparing my stuff and myself for University. As I will be studying Psychology at the University of Manchester this September. 

As I just picked up my results on Thursday (18th) the past couple of days have been a whirlwind of emotions. Let's go back to 2 years ago where this all sort of began. 

So 2 years ago I started sixth form college, everything was going well and I was getting A's in my subjects and Distinctions in my Subsidiary diploma course. I had some family problems along the way but I did my As exams and came out with 2 B's a D and then Distinction * for my subsidiary diploma. And this was when I had to really think about what I wanted to do. Psychology had always been the one subject I couldn't learn enough of, from the first class to the last I was always interested. But this was the same for Law too. My decision came once I looked at life after University and no jobs surrounding a Law degree appealed to me. Although the idea of shouting Objection in a court room is a life long dream. Anyway I had to focus. 

My requirements were pretty high to get into the University of Manchester. I had been visiting this university since year 7 so this dream has been building for a while. 

Normally under pressure I can cope, as long as I have me myself and I there can be a chance I can get through it. And I was, the lessons were great, grades phenomenal. They couldn't get any better, then a couple of weeks before my exams I hit this moment of uncertainty. For the first time since joining college. I was unsure of whether I actually wanted to go to University. Personally I love education I love to learn a lot about a certain topic that interests me and University is the perfect place for that. But there was this voice inside me that doubted my ability to do well. And this was for the first time I have doubted myself. 

I ignored the thoughts the best I could and made sure that even if my university idea changed I would try and get the best grades possible of me to reflect on the past two years. And after the tears and stressful long nights of revision. I am more than proud about my results. After getting 97% on one of my Psychology papers I got that determination back, I felt not only that I could handle University but that I could handle the University of Manchester. And after narrowly missing an A in Law I was worried and concerned this would knock my chances of being accepted. 

But after the few silent prayers and a login to Ucas Track Manchester accepted me. And now here we are on the 21st of August. Now I am an upcoming University of Manchester student and finally 18 as of yesterday. I feel pretty good with life at the moment yes everything is a bit of a whirlwind now but this is an aspect of life we all have to go through at some point. 

If I could leave you with any advice it would be that you are gonna be unmotivated or uncertain at times sometimes more than others. The worst thing for you to do is carry on with that. Address the situation, if you feel unmotivated look at what you can change about it. If it's work maybe look for another job or speak to your manager about maybe changing something.

Overall that's it really for the life update, I feel like as a blogger on here there should be a little bit of my life on here. I never want to appear robotic or that makeup and skincare is all there is to me. if you would like a more in depth over college from my perspective or any future advice feel free to comment down below. 

                         Until next time, Chloe!