L'Oreal Clay Multi-masking First Impressions

L'Oreal just recently launched their new face mask range. I have never really tried any skincare products from them. The idea of having 3 different clay masks to target different areas of your face is brilliant. Whilst they were all on offer at Boots for £5 I decided to pick them up and give them a try. 

Multi-masking if you have never heard about it involves you applying different face masks to the areas of your face where it needs to go most. Rather than wasting product and applying it in areas where it isn't needed. 

The range has 3 types of face masks, first off we have the Purity mask, aiming to purify and mattify your face. This being aimed at oily skin types which was a prayer from above for me. I tend to have an awful lot of oil resting on my forehead and my chin at the moment. I applied a thin layer of this over my forehead and then chin. Gave it 10 minutes whilst I applied the other masks and after washing it off I noticed that some of the oil was gone. I wouldn't say it was all gone just after the one use but for the next couple of hours as I applied this whilst writing some blog posts my oily skin was definitely a lot better than usual. 2 weeks on from using this twice a week with my other masks and my oiliness has definitely reduced by a significant amount. My oily skin is still there, but it's less heavy and a lot more manageable now for me. Which is the best result I could have asked for. 

Now onto the glow mask, I was most excited for this and couldn't wait to try this. As I am a huge fan of highlighters and having a bit of glow I thought this would work to help brighten my skin a little bit. I applied this more on my cheeks towards my eyebrows. After 10 minutes and washing it off there was a little bit of a glow from it. I noticed also that my skin around where I had applied the mask was quite plump which was a pleasant surprise. After two weeks of using this mask my skin has become a lot more glowy. I did try and apply this all over the face but this didn't work as well for parts of my face where it was oily. Which I expected really, but for the areas where I wanted it to glow this worked wonders. Making sure that you are applying this mask a couple times a week would be my best advice to help maintain the glow. 

Now onto the last one, the detox mask is the perfect one for anyone who has some blemishes or maybe their skin feels a little dirty. I like to apply this on my nose, a little bit around the chin and any other areas where I have some acne or where I had spots previously. This mask works by helping to draw out any existing impurities and really sort out the skin. Out of the three this is the one that felt like a proper clay mask to me. It had that set like stone setting effect, whereas the other ones didn't feel as tight on my skin more like a standard mask. In terms of helping my acne I loved using this when I had a new spot that had formed, it helps to control the spot a little by reducing it significantly. In terms of redness it doesn't really target that area but it helps to crush the spot itself. After 2 weeks of using this the number of spots I have in certain areas of my face like my chin has reduced significantly. Yes I am still getting the occasional breakouts but they aren't as harsh and for when they are this mask works as a great solution. 

Overall I love these face masks, I wouldn't recommend using them on their own all over the face. As they are targeting different areas of the face you won't get the best results from them and you would just be wasting product mostly. In terms of other drugstore face masks I have tried before these are up there at the top. I do have one little downside with these which are the packaging. Now they come in this smooth and sophisticated packaging that looks expensive which yes I like. But it is impossible to hold three of these whilst you take them to the bathroom to apply. As the lids have a smooth almost slipper surface you wouldn't be able to count on both hands how many times I have dropped these. 
But, that aside I can't fault the product itself. This mask retails currently for £5 at Boots or £7.99 normally. 

                                              Until next time, Chloe!