The Power Of Makeup To Me

Recently the power of makeup has become the biggest debate to occur in the world of makeup. Youtubers, bloggers, instagrammers have been sharing the transformation makeup has on our faces. We can go from looking dull and spotty to looking glowy and flawless. We all have our reasons for wearing makeup and after thinking about it for a long time. I decided to share why I wear makeup. 

There's two reasons, firstly my self confidence is boosted an awful lot by wearing makeup. All my imperfections on my face that I don't feel the best about are hidden. It almost becomes infectious to be able to mask our imperfections and show off this flawless version of ourselves. 

I have been wearing makeup since I was about 13, I noticed all the popular girls had started wearing it and always got complimented. As someone who was always compared to the popular girls I saw makeup as a way of fitting in and being with them. Within days of wearing it they started to compliment me and I felt like I was on their level for once. Now this effect wore off pretty quickly as I started to drift away from them and focus on myself. But thinking that I have been wearing makeup for 5 years is a crazy thought. 

The second reason I wear makeup is the versatility of it, I can go simple and 'natural' or I can go bold and different. I personally prefer the second option, if I want to mask my spots I will draw the attention more towards to the parts of my face I do like such as my lips and eyes. And yes I have received the stares off people whilst I walk down the street in blue lipstick but if it makes you feel good then carry on walking, you won't be the weirdest thing they ever see. 

As someone who is quite shy on first meeting I try to convey my personality through makeup, with a 'natural' makeup look but a bold lip I hope people understand there is a bit of individuality with me. I can be a little weird and crazy at times. Makeup really is just expression to me, it's playing with colours and increasing my overall confidence. 

Whatever reason you wear makeup for, I hope you never get discouraged by anyones comments. What you do with your face and whether you wear makeup or not is your decision not someone elses. Feel free to comment down the reason why you wear makeup down below. 

                        Until next time, Chloe!