Why You Need To Add Jojoba Oil To Your Routine

Oils have always been a product that I've loved the idea of using and could only ever imagine how luxurious and amazing they must feel to apply onto the skin. My main issue with oils was the fear of making my already fairly oily skin resemble a frying pan's worth of oil on my face. I was hesitant that I may apply too much and create that nightmare. 

But after I tried the Sanctuary serum oil that I was only drawn in by the scent. I decided to break out and adventure into a few more face oils. I wanted something new, something that hadn't been raved about yet. And it's the Eden Semilla 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil. 

In terms of the brand if you have never heard of them before. They are ran mainly online, selling worldwide. The brand was originally formed in America last year and after the launch of their fast selling Rosehip oil they decided to come back with a new product the Jojoba oil and are planning on a new line very soon. 

The oil can be used on your hair, skin, and even your nails. I decided to put these 3 areas to the test for the past 2 weeks. If we focus on the skin firstly this oil is similar to sebum which is a substance that is naturally produced which works to promote a softer and more radiant complexion. Which for someone with acne this is a big yes. It also contains vitamin C and essential fatty acids to give your skin that all round defense. I applied to drops of this in the morning and at night before I had applied my moisturizer. The product comes with a dropper that you can add to the product to make it easier to dispense the drops evenly. After 2 weeks my skin is definitely brighter, it looks healthier and is a lot smoother. I have noticed that the spots that are there on my skin aren't as harsh and don't sit as heavy on my skin as they did before. Considering it has only been 2 weeks I am thoroughly impressed with the results already. 

For my hair, I am constantly redyeing my hair to get it to stay the permanent red color it is. This comes at a price as my hair is not exactly in the best condition it could be. As I have been using majority of my hair care products for so long now they have started to lose their effect. I was hoping that this oil could just perk my hair up and bring it back to life a little bit really. This oil is meant to leave my hair looking and feeling silky and smooth. Making sure to protect my skin and scalp. I normally apply this after I have got out of the shower when my hair is fairly damp as I never really blow dry my hair unless absolutely necessary. I normally apply about 3 or 4 drops to my hand and then run this through my hair making sure to get the ends of my hair especially to reduce the risk of split ends. I have used this everytime I have washed my hair and the results it brings are amazing. Not only has this made my hair softer but for once the color of my hair looks fairly vibrant which is something I haven't had in a while. 

So far if you couldn't tell I am thoroughly impressed by this, for the last test which was my nails I decided to apply this just below my cuticles and also a little over my nails in between applying polish and letting them go bare just to look after them a bit better. I wouldn't say it has made a massive difference to the condition of my nails themselves as I have had polish on them for the majority of the time but the skin below my cuticles and around my nails is a lot smoother and softer. 

The packaging is perfect too, with the dropper coming as an additional item with the product was a very smart idea. The bottle isn't too fancy yet not so simplistic it's that good in between. In terms of scent I wouldn't say it is necessarily a sweet scent. It is more of a herbal scent but is not overpowering in any way. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this. I don't think I would have any downside to this product at all. I have traveled with this in my makeup bag and it never got damaged or smashed. Although other things in my makeup bag did explaining why the label is slightly discolored. I honestly couldn't fault this product for how well it has performed. In terms of pricing this retails for normally £16.95 for 60ml but it is currently on sale for just £10.95 which is fairly reasonable for an oil. It also comes in 120ml for £12.95 as well on sale as normally it should be £18.95. 

This product is definitely taking pride and place in my skincare routine, if there are any oils you have tried and loved feel free to comment them down below and I may even try those one day. 

                                                        Until next time, Chloe!