Battle of the Masks - Sheet or Liquid

It is no secret that I am a lover of face masks, I have always been intrigued by the actual benefits of using one and how they can actually work with our skin. Majority of the face masks I tend to use are more of a liquid based one but the trend within the past couple of years have been sheet masks. So that got me thinking, which type of mask is better.

Starting with more liquid masks I could rhyme off about 50 or so masks that I have tried and loved. From the Lush Mask of Magnaminty to the Instanaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask. There have been some clear favourites of mine over time. But one set of masks that I haven't been able to stop using yet are the L'Oreal Pure Clay masks. Now these are a fairly recent launch from a couple of months ago but there is just something about these masks that is just brilliant. They are lightweight and don't move or make my skin go dry. They have little exfoliating beads that help to clean your skin as well as caring for it. With the range covering brightness, oiliness, and clarifying there is bound to be one mask for everything. Or you can always multi mask which I tend to find the most convenient and effective as you can care for the different parts of your skin at the same time. I have done a full in-depth review about the masks which I will leave here.

Another favourite of mine has to the Ooharr Rosie Glow Mask. This was a favourite as it surprised me more than anything. This mask is one of the heaviest masks I have used before however it really does help to brighten my skin and add a bit of colour to it. I find that the results from this tend to last about 4 days before it's all gone. But if you were to carry on using this say once a week the results would really be there. The mask also helps to plump and soften your skin. Around the time I was trailing this I had terribly dry skin, I risked not applying any moisturiser the night I used this and just went to sleep straight after wearing this. And oh my what a difference, waking up the next morning my skin was still soft and smooth. My dryness hadn't been exaggerated which was a big plus for me. As someone with combination skin that can change quite often. I was so happy with the results from this as when I used it again when a lot of my dryness had cleared up I still got the same results.

 The one con with masks is that they can get pretty messy sometimes, be careful especially with the L'Oreal ones as they can get on everything. You can always invest in a brush for applying your face masks if you really do struggle sometimes to apply it. The main pro apart from the great results is that masks in this form last for ages. You can often get at least four or five uses out of a single jar sometimes depending on how much you want to apply at a time.

Moving onto sheet masks, they are a convenient packet of moisture that can hydrate your skin within minutes. There are all different types available now and more and more companies are releasing their own versions. Something so simple like a sheet mask has become a sensation in the skincare world.

One that I really like to use is the Garner moisture bomb mask, this enriched with pomegranate extracts, plant serum, and hyaluronic acid helps to give your skin a boost of moisture. Whilst also smoothing out fine lines. They claim that one mask allows a week's worth of moisture. Personally the mask tends to have an effect for up to 4 days before the difference isn't as clear. However, as a little mask for pampering your skin before a special event this is a really nice touch. With something as simple as this it can become quite easy to be drawn in by the beautiful effects it has on your skin.

Another face mask I have been loving is the Creme shop Neroli oil infused face mask, which works to improve circulation. As well as evening your skin tone and reducing the look of scars. I tend to leave this on for about 30 minutes then peel it off and my skin feels so smooth. This is definitely a mask you need to use often to get a long lasting effect but as a nice little refresher this works well. 

I would say the one con about sheet masks are that they can be a real pain to apply sometimes, I have to normally cut mine to fit my face properly but once I have done this I love the results. Overall I am still a true lover of liquid masks, as great as sheet masks are I just find them to be a bit of a pain at times. If there are any face masks be it liquid or sheet that you love to use comment them down below and they could be my next favourite product.

                                    Until next time, Chloe!