Eye Cream - The Essential You Forgot About

When it comes to those skincare essentials, it's very rare you will hear someone bang on about eye creams. It doesn't seem like an absolute essential for us at times to apply a bit of care to your eyes which for some of us we apply makeup to almost everyday. I will hold my hand and admit that I never really took notice in caring for my eyes until a month ago as I noticed how red and flakey they had become - gross I know. 

I do wear a lot of eye makeup sometimes and with me just using a cleanser and muslin cloth to remove it all I can almost the damage each time this is doing to my eyes. Now I would never stop wearing eye makeup just for this reason so I decided to combat the problems and invest in an eye cream. Whilst browsing through Boots I managed to pick up the Nivea Cellular Anti Age Skin Rejuvenation Eye Cream. 

This claims to help smooth fine lines under your eyes, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Alongside this it also helps skin renewal which is a key ingredient needed when the skin around our eyes can be so delicate. Not only does this work for wrinkles but it intends to make your skin looked refreshed and packed with moisture. By gently patting this under my eyes before bed every night I have found a few results. 

First off, in terms of smoothing any fine lines I have noticed a little difference. When I apply any makeup to my waterline or blend any eyeshadow there are no lines that start to seep through. When I am not wearing any makeup the difference is not really visible, for someone who is older the difference may be clearer but I can see a subtle difference when I am wearing makeup.

For moisturising and making my under eyes refreshed this has definitely worked. I have never loved blending concealer onto my under eyes more, they are so soft and it makes it a lot easier to get my concealer to look right. In terms of helping with flakey dry skin this has worked a little, I would say it is better for skin that hasn't been completely dehydrated as I will probably need something a little stronger alongside this to truly combat my dry patches on my eyes. 

The packaging is nice and simple, it still has that drugstore feel to it which when it comes to skincare I don't particularly mind. I prefer the fact that it is in a tube rather than a jar as that can be a really mess in terms of hygiene, especially considering it is going near your eye. I have been using this for about a month and a half and I have used maybe a quarter of the tube seeing as you get 15ml for £15.75, a little goes a long way with eye creams so you will definitely be getting your money's worth.

Whilst looking around in Boots for this eye cream I noticed that not many brands seem to have eye creams available, I would expect a lot of high street brands to have them but surely more affordable brands would have come up with something. I did notice that skin friendly brands such as Simple do have 'eye creams' that work to cool your eyes from any irritation but really you would expect a lot of brands to branch out into this sort of thing.

Anyway that matter aside I was kinda impressed with this, as it is my first proper eye cream I have used in a while since the Avon one I reviewed years ago I do want to try and find some other ones that are lurking in the drugstore and on the hughstreet. If you have any recommendations comment them down below. 

                    Until next time, Chloe