Naked 2 Palette - Is It Worth The Splurge

If you haven't heard of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes in this day an age then first of all please get up from the rock you have been living under. Secondly, if you have heard of the iconic Naked Palettes then you may know they are releasing a new naked palette that covers some of their most loved shades. Whilst the reveal of the new palette was occurring I started to go back to my Naked 2 Palette the only one out of the collection I own. And after having since Christmas as I got it for a bargain in the Christmas sales thanks to Feel Unique I have managed to gather my full thoughts but I have never shared my opinion of the palette to you. 

First up, I am a lover of their packaging. The sleek lightweight packaging with the massive full length mirror that goes across the palette really gives it that added touch. These palettes are not cheap at all so the packaging really does have to live up to it's standards. The palette features 12 shades ranging from matte to shimmers, there are more shimmers than mattes with this palette as it is more towards a nighttime palette than a daytime palette. However, there are several shades you could use for a natural look if you use them properly. As with all their other palettes it includes a double ended brush as well to use with it. 

Now for the first time ever I actually like the brush you get with this, from other palettes especially cheaper ones the brushes tend to be flimsy or stiff they are never suitable for the palette and just end up in my opinion being a waste of space and money. However, this is a very soft brush that I like to use to gently blend my eyeshadow as it works to get into those awkward corners. I normally apply glittery shades with this as it is so precise. 

Focusing on the shadows my favourites would have to be Half baked, bootycall, Verve, and Ydk. Surprisingly these are all the shimmer shades which I didn't expect to be my favourites as I normally tend to love matte eyeshadows more. What I tend to find with palettes like this is that the matte shades are pretty standard and something you will find in a majority palettes. 

I understand with this being more of a night time themed palette that it makes to include more shimmers however, if you look more towards the darker shades there aren't any matte shades that you can use from this to create a seamless look. I normally have to use this and another palette to create a look using the darker shades. Which for someone like me I don't mind as I prefer to use different palettes at a time, as you get a feel of what does and doesn't work together and opens your options up more. But just as a palette on it's own I don't think this tick all the boxes this palette should. 

In terms of their wear time these stay on for a long time before moving, I noticed about 7 hours went by before there was major creasing and moving. As recommended though they do tell you to use one of their eyeshadow primers and even include a sample of each of their 4 eyeshadow primers. I like this added touch as I got to not only test the palette but some of their other products that actually benefit the palette and make it more worthwhile. 

Overall, Am I completely blown away by this palette? To an extent. The pigmentation of each shadow is beyond strong and they are so soft and don't feel chunky which was a big bonus for me. But would I be able to use this everyday as a night and day palette? For my own preference of how I do my makeup no. For everyday I could but I wouldn't be able to switch up to much as it would end up being harsher and darker. In terms of a palette that can be versatile I wouldn't say this is the one. As much as I love it and love to use all the shimmers this has just been an additional palette where I only use it when it is necessary for my look I am going for. I don't often just randomly reach for this which isn't a good sign when this retails for £38.50 I was a little disappointed. However, this doesn't mean the other palettes are the same as each one is made for a different purpose. 

I will be trying the other palettes at some point, if you have any recommendations for me feel free to comment them down below and I could be reviewing them next. 

                Until next time, Chloe!