September Favourites

With this month drawing to a close I thought I would give you a little bit of a life moment. I have just started University and already I am loving it so far. I probably won't be thinking this once I start to get my assignments but for now I am in awe. Life has been a little hectic as I have been organising my new room in my student accommodation and generally adjusting to the big step in my life. But I have been loving a lot of products recently that have made it into my monthly favourites.

First off is shoes, might be a bit of a random one but University made me realise how much walking a student does. I am about a half an hour walk from my lectures so getting shoes that are going to help make the walk less painful is a must. I have really been loving my Checker board vans. They are comfy and a simple slip on that go with a majority of my stuff. Slip ons have always been a type of shoe I;ve strayed away from. I always fear them slipping off my feet in the middle of a road in front of everyone but these have stayed on pretty well. With them being cream and black they are a bit of a pain to keep clean at times but either way they have been pretty handy this past month. These retail for £47 which is a reasonable price for Vans and considering they themselves and other stockists such as Office do 10% student discount and even higher discounts at certain times over the year they are definitely worth the investment.

Also in terms of fashion I have really been loving a pair of mom jeans. Something I never thought I would say, they are Petite Light Denim Jeans from New Look that are beyond comfy. I have always been conscious of clothing that is baggy but even though these are designed to be supersized they managed to still fit properly and don't make me look bigger than I am. With something as simple as these they are just so comfy and wearable. On the days when I am feeling sluggish or a bit hungover or just want ultimate comfort these are what I am drawn to. These are priced at £24.99 which for a pair of jeans isn't bad considering if you are a student New Look tend to do a lot of student offers around this time and they have a consistent 10% discount off for students as well.

In terms of makeup I have been loving a lipstick by Mac. It is their Star Trek limited edition lipstick in the shade Llap. It is this beautiful icy rosy champagne colour. You can wear this on it's own and it isn't over the top but I prefer to wear this over the top of a lip colour to add a bit of shine. It feels so soft on the lips and doesn't have a grainy feeling to it. It tends to last fairly well but setting and mattifying it is the best way to keep it on your lips for a fairly long time. As with majority of Mac's products this retails for £17 which isn't bad considering the shade isn't too bright for you to not be able to wear it everyday.


Lastly I have also been loving my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, this was a pricey purchase I made a couple of months ago. I was keen on this for the fact that it had so many neutral shades that I would use on a daily basis and the palette also has the darker more daring shades such as this gorgeous blue/purple glittery shade and even a burgundy like shade. The shadows are highly pigmented and easy enough to blend. I find that the more neutral shades go on easier than the more glittery shades but I find that if you spray a little bit of Mac's fix+ on your brush and then get the glittery shadows they go on a lot smoother. The palette altogether retails for £39 which is quite pricey but because of all the neutral shades you get it is a fairly reasonable investment. 


Overall they are just a few of the things I have been loving this month. Comment down below the things you have been loving this past month as well.

                            Until next time, Chloe!