The Complete Set Of Your Essential Oils You Need To Stock Up On Now

Last week I shared with you the first incredible set of the Eden Semilla's essential oils that after loving them so much I have incorporated those into my routine for the past couple of weeks. I was fortunate enough to also try two of their sets of their other essential oils. I am going to be sharing with you my opinions on the next set which includes Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Peppermint. 

First up is Sweet Orange, now the scent is beyond amazing. If you are a fan of sweet scents or a complete lover of Terry's chocolate orange you will love this. I find this tends to have a calming effect similar to the Frankincense one from the first set. I prefer to dilute this with a few drops of water and spray this around my room using a spray bottle. This helps to calm me down a little as well as adding a sweet scent to the room. As I moved into my new student accommodation today this has been a good thing to keep me calm and also make my room feel a little more like home. I would recommend that you really do water this down if you are going to use this in a spray bottle as the scent is so strong.

Now Eucalyptus is gonna be handy in the next couple of months as we start to get into the colder seasons and the infinite colds starts to appear. This has a menthol like effect that helps to clear your sinuses and can also help to aid off illnesses. I have been using this by adding a few drops into a bowl of hot water and allowing it to steam onto my face whilst I wash my face. Not only does this help to open my pores and clean my face but on the days when I may not be feeling my best or may be coming down with something this does help to clear everything up and make me feel better. I would recommend this more in the colder times of the year as I am more than likely to get a cold or two during the next few months. 

Sandalwood is the miracle one of this set. Aimed at older men and women this has an anti-ageing and skin repair effect. Even though I don't need the Anti-aging treatment yet I do appreciate the skin repair benefits as my skin has been fairly damaged due to acne scarring that hasn't fully healed yet. I apply two drops of the oil into my hands and then massage it into my skin. I do this 3 times a week to make sure that my face does not get too oily as I am also using other oils within my routine to care for my skin. 

Lastly is Peppermint, similar to Sweet orange this adds a pleasant and calming scent to the room but I do prefer to use this more for aches and pains similar to Lemongrass from the first set. As I have been getting back into my fitness and caring for my body more as well as a lot of hours at work. My body has had a serious strain on it. Being able to just lay in the bath for even just 10 minutes with a few drops of the peppermint oil into the bath really does help with a lot of the pain. I do this every time I have a bath to properly help any aches or pains.  

Each bottle includes 10ml which for oils where you should only use a few drops at a time is more than enough for the price. Normally oils can be quite expensive but Eden Semilla currently have the sets of oils on offer for just £7.50 for the four oils. You can also buy the oils individually from £1.99 which is a bargain for some oils that you may use more often than others. 

Overall I clearly love these oils, I have one more set to review which will be up next Sunday. If you would like to hear more about essential oils and the benefits they could have on you feel free to comment down below and that could be my next post. 

                Until next time, Chloe!