Why You Need To Invest In Essential Oils

Who said that relaxation or a bit of tender loving care for your skin and yourself had to be expensive. If you can remember about a month or so ago I reviewed the Eden's Semilla essential oils Jojoba Oil and I loved it. I am still using it mainly in my hair at the moment as it has been fairly damaged for a while and I want to try and look after it a bit more, if you want to check my review of the jojoba oil I will leave it here. But today I am bringing you four more of their oils that you can add into your skincare or relaxation routine. 

First up is the classic Tea tree oil, this has more than enough uses. Normally I will use this for any spots on my skin as it helps to clear them within a couple of days and can help with the swelling sometimes. You can also use this whilst taking a bath which is what I have been using a majority of these oils for, by just about 5 drops into your bath whilst it is filling up not only do this leave you smelling lovely but any cuts or sores you had before do heal a little as well whilst soaked in it. If you are going to use tea tree oil for any acne be careful not to over do it. Just use the drops you get from the bottle once rather than trying to get a lot as even though it will work for the spots it can be drying if you use too much. 

Next up is Frankincense now with this I like to use this as a relaxant again but more towards the days went I am feeling a little stressed or if I am a bit anxious that day. Again you can use a couple of drops on this in the bath or you can also add a little to a vaporiser which is what I normally tend to do with this as it helps to calm me down quite a bit. With an oil like this that comes in such a handy little bottle I have been carrying this around in my bag as I go out. As this month has been quite stressful so far I have been finding that by sitting down and smelling some of this oil for a little and just resting for a few minutes has been helping me to cope at the moment. 

Now Lemongrass was the one I was looking the most forward to, this can be used to soothe aches and pains due to the strong ingredients in it. For the past year or two I have always had quite a bit of pain in my back and shoulders that never really seems to go. I found that by applying a bit of this oil and some warm water to dilute it does help to stop some of the pain. It hasn't completely moved the pain away but to be able to making it a little easier and less painful is something I will take. Seeing as I have only been using this for a couple of weeks really I wouldn't be expecting it to cure my back instantly. 

Lastly, we have Rosemary. Now alongside my Jojoba Oil I have also been using this but more for hair growth. As I recently had to cut my hair to help to try and make it healthier and as I am not a fan of having shorter hair I wanted to put this to the test. I tend to find that my hair doesn't grow back that fast but with this oil and the Jojoba oil it has sped up a little, my hair looks a lot healthier though than it did previously which honestly I am happier with. I would rather have healthy hair than long hair that could just snap off at any moment. In terms of skincare this can also help to give your skin a bit of a natural glow. I have been patting a very tiny amount of this onto my skin for the past couple of weeks and there is definitely a subtle glow. One thing I will note is that even for someone like me who has oily skin if you apply oils properly and with the right amount it shouldn't mess up your skin and make it anymore or any less oily. 

All of these oils are individual ready to buy for just £1.99 for 10ml which for something like an oil where you shouldn't be using a lot at a time anyway this will definitely be a good money saver. I had never really realised how much of an effect oils could have I always used to see them as a novelty but after putting them to strict tests I am actually impressed by how they have worked. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about these oils and within the next couple of weeks I will be sharing with you Two Sets Eden's Semilla have put together of more oils I am excited for you to find out about. 

                 Until next time, Chloe!


  1. I do this with lavender! The other day before a test I pulled it out and was sniffing it and rubbing it on my temples and wrists. People probably thought I was crazy but you're right - totally calms you down!


    1. Yeah, it's surprising how it works!

      Chloe MySecondAttempt