Best Way To Balance Uni,Work, Blogging, Socialising - Kinda

At times life can be hectic, I will hold my hand up highly and admit that sometimes my posts can be a day or two late. Sometimes you really don't get a good half an hour to sit down and write a post. Whilst I have been settling into Uni life I have been finding that organisation is key. To try and see if my organisation tips could be helpful for you here are my top five tips to balance everything going on in your life and still manage to blog.

So I have a 12 hour+ job that can be as many as 26 hours a week as well as being in Uni 4 days a week and also going out with my friends and truly getting into the university life it can be challenging to keep on top of everything. My first tip is notes and reminders. Whether it is on your laptop, fridge, phone, tablet, whatever you want to use always write notes. I normally set reminders a couple of days before my blog posts need to be uploaded listing what I am going to do that week in terms of posts. On top of this any other reminders so if there has been a room change or what time I am in work. It might seem weird to think that with so much going on around you there are so many things you can forget.

One of my best tips for you is organisation. Whether it be on your phone, tablet, laptop, or just in a simple diary always write down everything need to do. I like to take a little notepad with it all the time and when I am out and about so maybe going round the drugstores I might see some new products and get a blog post that way. Also with work and uni I might need it to write down my shifts and also any notes I need for uni such as a book we need to read. Having everything all in one place keeps everything together which can be a big help when life gets really hectic.

Planning again is another good idea, when you get your timetable for University make a timetable listing your classes that week and any other commitments you have that week. It is a more visual way of seeing the time you have. I set aside about 4 hours on and off a week for blogging as I like to make sure I have enough time to do quality posts. This way also allows you to break for me time. Maybe pick an hour or two where you can relax with yourself. Because as much fun as it can be to socialise with people sometimes we just need a bit of me time.

Lastly my final tip is drafting posts. Sometimes we can get into stages in our life where our minds have to be focused on one thing. Where our creativity and mind can't be fully on something else. I have recently been planning out the posts I want to post and when and have been typing up the title and the date of publication in my blogger. This means that when I have a bit of free time I can just go on blogger and see the posts I want to do and start typing them up from there. This means that I haven't got to rack my brains for a new post each time and it leaves me to focus on other things for a little while.

Overall, these are just three of the tips I have for any fellow bloggers that are maybe struggling to balance everything in their life at the moment with blogging. Or even those of you that need some organisation tips. Either way I hope this has been helpful and if you would like anymore tips about University or College or just organisation and education in general comment down below.

                                Until next time, Chloe!