Caring For Your Skin In The Cold

As the nights are drawing in, each morning is becoming colder and colder by the day. I am having to cling onto my winter coat and scarf to battle the weather now that we are getting into Winter. Around this time it can seem a bit of an unconvince to spend a lot of time at night or in the morning have to do a skincare routine when all you want to do is just stay in your warm bed for those few more minutes.

Once we get into every season I tend to tailor my skincare routine to that particular time, whether it be nice and warm or cold and icy. I am going to be sharing with you today the routine I go through day and night to help protect my skin from the cold.

First: Cleanser- in the morning I tend to use the Garner Mineral Oil Infused Water £3.99 on offer!, this is a new take on their most loved Micellar Water. I will be posting an in-depth review on this next week but so far I'm impressed with how quick this works. If you want efficiency oils are the best thing to use, they scrape dirt and makeup off your skin within seconds which for someone who has just woke up in the morning and is just looking for efficiency, this is a good go to product. However for the nighttime, I tend to use a deeper cleanse. This is just for personal preference I take a little bit of the Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser £3.29 and massage it into my skin and then using a hot cloth I press this onto my face and wipe away the product which not only removes my makeup but deep cleans my skin. For my eye makeup I do prefer to use the Garner Oil infused water as I find it isn't harsh on my eyelids which have become rather sensitive this past month.

Next: Treatments, in the morning I tend to skip this part as it can take a bit of time for any of the creams I normally use to sink into my skin. But I do take a bit of E45 Dry Cream £2.35 and pat this around my eye area. Like I said previously my eye area has become really sensitive recently and this just helps to moisturise and repair that area a little. At night I continue with this but I also use one pump of the InstaNatural Scar Cream £19.16. I tend to massage this around my cheeks and towards my jawline and my chin as this is where majority of my acne scars are and any other marks that I want to help heal.

Lastly for the face Moitsuriser: I use the same moisturiser for day and night which is the Olay 7 in 1 Moisturiser and built in serum £9.99. I have been using this since the summer and I am still impressed by the results. I find that this really pats the moisture into my skin and helps to bring it back to it's normal self. I tend to apply a tiny amount of this in the morning as I normally apply my primer straight after as I don't want it to add any unwanted texture to my face. At night I work a lot onto my face and then carry this down to my neck to help make sure that is moisturised during the cold period. 

I normally at this point are ready to start my makeup routine or I am just about ready to get into bed. The last part of my skincare routine at night is to apply a little bit of hand cream. I tend to leave a bottle just by the window sill near my bed. I have been using the Soap and Glory Hand Food one for the past month and this just really helps to make sure that my hands stay hydrated and do not get dry or become sore. 

But altogether that is my routine for the colder months. I try to do this routine whilst getting ready for either sleeping or the start of my day so that it doesn't soak up too much of my time in the morning. Comment down below your favourite products for your skincare routine. 

                                                     Until next time, Chloe!