Clinique Pep Start Event Manchester

Whilst strolling around Manchester I came across the pop up Clinique Pep Start van. After being kindly greeted by the lovely staff I was taken inside the van to see this little hub they had created. The purpose of this van was to showcase their new products aimed at people on the go. After watching a little presentation filled with confessions of people's biggest fears such as losing wifi and having no service and generally being busy and on go. I was instructed to turn around facing their mirror, and once pushing it open this opened the main feature of the event.

The floor was covered in plastic balls and with everything being set out so neat and tidy, I was instructed to sit down and they would show me how everything worked. The first thing I got to try was the Pep-Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating cleanser £16.50, from the second she had worked the product onto my hand I could feel the exfoliating beads doing their work already. This is a gentle enough cleanser to use on a day to day basis. Because of how quickly this works into the skin and really cleans it this would be a perfect thing to do straight away in the morning when you wake up. 

Next up was the Pep-Start HydroBlue Moisturiser £24.50, this can be used as a moisturiser and also a face primer. At first I was a little sceptical of this as I thought it would be too thick to use as a primer but I received a few samples to try which I used this morning and so far my makeup looks pretty good. It does have this slight blur effect to it, but the main thing is that my skin is hydrated and doesn't look drying or dull. 

The last product I had the honour of trying was the Pep-Start Hydrorush SPF 20 Moisturiser £24.50, now this is a moisturiser you can use instead of a suncream for your face cream. It is a lot thicker than the hydroblur moisturiser but I actually prefer this hydrorush moisturiser as more of a day or night moisturiser as I find that it tends to moisturise my skin better. If I am having a day where I don't have to rush straight out the door I would probably use this then prime as the fact that it has such a high spf means my face will be protected throughout the day. 

After trying all these products I was able to take part in their instagram competition where you can win the three products I have mentioned today, just use the #CliniquePepStart and show them the contents of your bag, it can be as weird and wonderful as you like. 

Overall the whole experience was lovely, I couldn't fault how kind and helpful the ladies were that were there that day. For something like promoting their new products it was refreshing to see how much effort they went to showcase these new amazing products. I am definitely going to be investing in the Hydroblur moisturiser as this is probably more suited for me and my busy lifestyle on the go at the moment. If you would like my reviews on any more promotion events I stumble before comment down below. 

                             Until next time, Chloe!