Halloween On The High Street

Halloween is the one of my favourite times of the year, from the costumes to the weather. To the pure effort people will go to, what is nice to see is that more and more shops are getting involved with the Halloween spirit nowadays. So let's take a look at some of the best places for you to get into the Halloween spirit. 

First up is Primark, now I wasn't really surprised by Primark as they tend to get really into any trend or event that is mainstream at the moment. Their halloween range features clothes to beauty products to even something for children. In terms of fashion their isn't much specifically for Halloween for men and women but they have brought out a lot of velvet and lace outfits that can be transformed into Halloween costumes. Their is the odd accessory here and there which I am not that impressed with, they look cheap and not well thought out. More like something you would get for your child rather than for yourself. What they really push the boat out with is their beauty range, they have face stickers, stencils, black lipsticks, and even more. I was surprised at how much effort went into this range, on their website they have even created three makeup looks to help get you in the Halloween mood. The main thing I am getting from this range is that everything can work as a costume if you have a little bit of Imagination, that black lipstick, velvet dress, lace overshirt/cape, and black false nails. You can become Morticia Adams if you work it right. 

One of the Primark Makeup Looks, this is a simple easy look to do!

Focusing on the next shop we have New Look, they have over 187 products for Halloween. From socks to tops, belts, to headbands they have really gone to town with this range. You can quite easily make a look from their products. This range has a theme of either devil, gothic, or cat theme with their costumes. Even those these are not the most original costume ideas you can make up for the creativity with some makeup. They surprisingly haven't brought out a specific makeup range or any looks for Halloween which I was disappointed by. Since they had launched their makeup line you would expect something to link this to Halloween. They have brought out a pack of Facial Tattoos that would work well with their outfits but I just feel like they really missed the mark here. If they had even do a few looks put together or just brought out more makeup that can help you get a complete look from their brand it would really help. 

Two looks that would work great with a bold eye or dark lip!Now I want to move you over to the two shops I have found that have potentially done the best with getting us all into the Halloween spirit this year. Firstly we have H&M this shop is offering you halloween costumes and even halloween themed attire for the day. Now who doesn't want that? From leopard costumes, to classic skeletons, to even more abstract costumes the thing that I like with this brand is that you can make the costumes work for any theme. These actually look like costumes and not just something you already had before and just threw together to make a look. They've even brought out a shark fin costume for dogs like c'mon they have really pushed the boat out here. Their range is reasonably priced and allows you to pick up costumes and accessories and the shoes. What is a downer is that there isn't any specific halloween beauty products but if you had time to spend a couple of minutes to pick out some products from their normal beauty range you could really grab some cool stuff. 

Who could resist some of these costumes

Now for the shop that went above it all and has really hit it out the park is Topshop, from the costumes to the makeups, shoes to accessories they have really put a lot of effort into this range. Their range is more upmarket, and is priced a lot more compared to shops like Primark. But you can get some really cheap makeup products and accessories that can really make the costume work. In terms of costumes you could create a poison ivy look, dark angel, classic devil. If you really wanted to spend a lot and be more abstract with your costume I would suggest going here for your outfit. I personally love the beauty products they are doing, this is a brand who knows how to really link all their sections together to get you in the Halloween mood. They are offering you products that will work with different costume ideas. 

Just look at the selection

Overall, the one theme I am seeing is the generic halloween costume ideas. The devil, angel, cat, gothic look,  I am surprised to see the effort that some shops have gone into such as Primark with creating makeup looks. The one main thing that sticks out if you look at any of these shops is that creativity has to be there, you have to be able to see the costume from what you have in front of you. As a lot of makeup brands and clothes shops are offering a lot of Halloween makeup you can really build the costume around that, all it takes is a little practice and your outfit can be amazing. One makeup brand in particular which is quite good to create a halloween look from is Freedom. From white foundation to liquid latex they have brought out everything that you need to create any makeup look from the Mad Hatter, Black Swan, to even a Harley Quinn look. The best part about this brand is that it is all fairly cheap and they have even brought out kits for specific makeup looks to help you really nail the look. 

After all this I hope you are getting into the Halloween mood, comment down below what you are going as for Halloween or if you are doing anything special for it. I am personally thinking of going as a Mad Hatter look. 

                           Until next time, Chloe!