Is It Worth It? Sleek Colour Correcting Palette

From baking, to highlighting, to strobing, to contouring, makeup trends have really stuck with the makeup community. We have those trends that seem to come and go but one that seems to be staying is colour correcting. 

What is colour correcting you might ask? Well it is using cream or powder to help to enhance the look of your face. This is achieved by different colours being linked to different parts of your face or problem areas. Colour correcting is mainly done by a lot of makeup artists for photoshoots or fashion shows to get the most flawless possible but a lot of makeup brands such as MUA, Urban Decay, Nyx just to name a few have brought out their own colour correcting sets to help you achieve that flawless look yourself. Today I am reviewing the new Sleek Colour Correcting Palette.

This is a versatile palette that includes six liquid that work to neutralise, balance, enhance, and conceal anything you want on your face. It's recommended to apply this after priming before your foundation as it then allows a nice flawless face for your foundation to enhance. Packaging with this is fairly simple, it's this gorgeous matte black compact that is the perfect size for travelling or just general on the go. As we open it up you get a fairly big mirror and the six shades. For such a small compact I was really impressed by how much product you get 0.4g in each shade. 

If we analyse each colour individually the first one we see is Green - this is meant to neutralise any redness, so if you have any spots or any redness around your face this will work well to cancel that out and give you an even skin tone. I find because of how pigmented this is a little goes a long way. I normally apply the green with a brush then blend in with my beauty blender as I find this achieves the best look and really helps to work it into your skin. Out of all of the colours this is one of the ones I use the most as I have a bit of acne scarring that still shows through with some foundations and concealers. 

Lilac helps to neutralise yellow- this is good to create a brightening effect. I tend to use this in combination with Yellow under my eyes where I have fairly dark circles. These two colours compliment each other and really help to brighten up my under eye area. To do this I again use a brush to apply it onto my under eye area then blend it in using my ring finger as this tends to be more precise then a beauty blender. I would recommend to apply more yellow if you have a lighter skin tone as those who have a darker skin tone it can go quite off against your skin tone so apply more purple and cancel any dark circles out that way. 

Blue is useful for concealing any freckles you may want to hide, this in partner with Orange works to conceal any dark tones and also freckles. I find that this requires a beauty blender to really blend into the skin properly. I tend to use this combination around the sides of my eyes just where I have brightened as there can still be some marks around the sides of my eyes. With this combination I would recommend using the orange more than the blue if you have a darker skin tone as this tends to blend into the skin and gives more of a natural look. 

Lastly is Rose, this helps to add radiance and evens outs any dark spots. I apply this to my cheeks and blend it in using a beauty blender. This helps to add a bit of extra highlight to my face before I have really done much. I tend to use a beauty blender for this as I find that is the best way to make sure it has really blended into the skin. 

Overall the colours I tend to use the most as the Green, Rose, Lilac, and Yellow shades. I tend to use this combination for times other than day to day makeup as I find that it adds quite a bit of extra time onto my routine. But I do love really going out there with my colour correcting when I have say an event or maybe I'm on a night out. I do use the green and rose shades on a daily basis as I find that these blend quite quickly into the skin.

The best part about all these colours is how soft and creamy they are, they blend so beautifully into the skin without looking heavy or weighing it down. I find that even though I might be wearing a lot of makeup when I fully colour correct then apply foundation on top, it doesn't look cakey or over the top. For a palette that retails for just £7.99 you'd be silly not to at least try it. With it coming up to the colder months meaning my skin will probably be changing I can definitely see myself sticking with this over the next couple of months at least. 

If you have been following the colour correcting craze comment down below or if you have any products you think I will like feel free to mention them down below.

                                Until next time, Chloe!