Soap And Glory Student Event Manchester

If you haven't seen over social media recently the Soap and Glory Bus has been going across Universities around the Uk to spread the Soap and Glory brand around. I was fortunate enough to have the day off from Uni and Work so I popped down to the one they were holding at my University in Manchester. 

Before even reaching the bus properly I could see balloons, a slide, the soap and glory girls dressed in full. It was magical. There was toons of people everywhere around it, I was first greeted by one of the girls and handed the cutest little tub of pink popcorn staying true to the Soap and Glory brand it all had this vintage pin up girl feel to it. 

I was first taken inside the Bus to reveal this neon pink fantasy place, on board the bus it was all decked with pink lettering and stickers all round. After being told that there was a Vip area at the top of the bus I ran up the stairs to be greeted by 3 lovely ladies who were doing Vip winners hair, there was braiding equipment and makeup everywhere. Their signature makeup products were laid out nice and neatly everywhere. 

After speaking to the ladies upstairs for a couple of minutes I was offered the chance to go down the slide to the outside. I went down the slide and came out to be met with a massive mirror with little miniatures of some of Soap and Glory's best selling products. After picking up a couple of these there wasn't much more to do. Majority of the event was things that had to be booked in advance. 

Overall the event was quite nice, it was good to see them advertising their products and allowing students to try some of their products. The only downfall was there wasn't much stuff for you to do unless you had booked quite far in advance. I think it would have been good if there were doing maybe demonstrations or maybe featured a couple of products rather than having stuff that isolates people who hadn't already booked from joining in. 

If you would like to hear my review of any more makeup events of promo's feel free to comment down below. 

                               Until next time, Chloe!