Technic Soft Powder Review

Translucent powders have been a recent trend within the makeup community, from baking to just general setting. translucent powders have been popular than ever before. The main perk of a translucent powder is that it adds no colour to your face and helps to draw out oils from your face. 

I have been testing out several over the past couple of months but I have found one that is not only amazing but a true bargain for your makeup budget. It's the Technic soft focus translucent powder, now the bran Technic has some fairly good products. It's a brand where you really do have to trial and test to find the good products. But once you find them they are products you will want to use all the time. 

This comes in a pretty standard plastic tub with a powder puff with the powder sitting at the bottom. I find this packaging easy enough to use, in terms of the powder puff I don't really like to use this on my face specifically, I prefer to use a brush instead to make sure it really blends in well. The puff is good for baking if you wet it a little before use. 

In terms of travelling this isn't the safest type of compact to travel with, I tend to put this in a little sealable bag and then put it in my makeup bag whilst on the go. This just helps to avoid the risk of the packaging breaking and going everywhere. Trust me it isn't a pretty sight to see. 

I sweep a little of this around my face in the morning and normally need a touch up about 4 hours later. I recommend to apply a little extra to your oiliest areas such as your t-zone just to make sure you're covered. 

In terms of using this for baking, I recommend only using a little bit for it. It tends to sink into the skin pretty quickly so be careful to not use too much as this can cause caking of your foundation. Leave it to 'cook' for about ten minutes then dust away the excess. I like to work on the other parts of my face whilst this is cooking to make sure I leave it be. 

Overall, the powder is pretty great. It sits on the skin nice and generally performs well under all my tests. My one improvement would be to make one in a smarter compact as having to be careful whilst travelling with this is a bit of an annoyance. But what is amazing is the price, for 20g just £2.95 I have been using this consistently since July and still have a quarter left so you definitely get your money's worth for it. 

If you have any translucent powders you could recommend to me comment down below and I could be reviewing them next. 

                              Until next time, Chloe!